First Aid Kits, Custom Printed with Your Logo or Message

We have a premium range of promotional first aid kits with your logo or message custom branded. These are a fantastic gift for staff, or clients in the emergency sector, rescue or industrial services. Also corporate firms and agencies can give them to staff or as part of a broader marketing campaign. People will keep these great little first aid kits in their cars, in the kitchen cupboard, or carry them during camping or hiking. They look awesome with your logo so don't wait any longer! Browse our designs and request a quote today.

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  1. Bolt 20 Piece First Aid Kit
    Bolt 20 Piece First Aid Kit
    Priced from $5.62 to $6.44
  2. Highway Roadside Emergency Kit
    Highway Roadside Emergency Kit
    Priced from $64.77 to $81.60
  3. Pocket First Aid Kit
    Pocket First Aid Kit
    Priced from $3.26 to $3.99
  4. Stay Safe 15pc First Aid Kit
    Stay Safe 15pc First Aid Kit
    Priced from $5.15 to $6.47
  5. Prep First Aid Kit
    Prep First Aid Kit
    Priced from $9.95 to $11.99
  6. Safety First Aid Kit
    Safety First Aid Kit
    Priced from $19.95 to $23.30
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Why choose promotional first aid kits

Every home and vehicle need a first aid kit. In the event of an emergency, individuals will greatly appreciate having these medical supplies on hand. Whether the injury is minor or severe, the presence of the kit helps to reduce the risk of infection and possibly the severity. This is only one of the many reasons a person will benefit from a kit of this type, and businesses find they can increase their brand reach by offering clients, employees and suppliers a branded first aid kit. Following are other reasons a kit of this type will be greatly appreciated.

One Location for Medical Supplies

In an emergency, time is of the essence. Having all supplies in one location allows a person to provide the help that is needed promptly. Be sure every person in the home and each person that regularly rides in a vehicle knows where to find this kit and how to use the supplies inside. This likewise allows help to be provided in a timely manner.


Safety needs to come first always. When a company chooses to offer branded survival kits to their clients and employees, they show that they understand this and make it a priority. It demonstrates the values of the company, which is very important now that online shopping has increased in popularity. People want to know who they are doing business with and what they believe, and this custom imprint kit provides that information.

Additional Time

A person, when out and about, may not be close to a medical facility. At times, the person is traveling and isn’t familiar with medical centers in the area. In the event of an emergency, every minute may count. The first aid kit provides a stopgap measure until medical care can be obtained, although it should never be used in the place of professional care when the injury is serious. The added time is often enough to allow the individual to obtain the help he or she needs to deal with the medical situation.


First aid kits tend to cost less than their individual components when purchased separately. This also provides information to a consumer that they may find important. When a company saves money on an item such as this, the customer sees that they put value at the top of their list of priorities and that getting value for their money is important. The customer appreciates this, as the savings can then be passed on to the consumer. This helps to increase the brand’s reputation in the eyes of the public.

Busy Hands

One problem many have when a medical emergency arises is they don’t have anything to do. They stand around waiting for help to arrive, and this makes the time seem to go much longer. When a first aid kit is easily available, the person has something to do to pass this time and help the individual in need. Busy hands are of great help during a crisis, as the individual is focused on what he or she is doing and not what could go wrong for the injured party


When all items are kept in a kit of this type, a person can grab it and go. There is no need to search for items to carry in a backpack for a hike, load up for a camping trip or take for a family day at an amusement park. Simply grab the kit and head out the door for the next adventure. Recipients of the promotional first aid kit appreciate having everything conveniently organized, and the provider of the kit benefits as it provides free advertising every time the kit is pulled out and used.


Companies find they can choose the kit that best meets the needs of those they will be providing this item to. Some companies choose to provide a pocket kit with a few essentials, including an iodine wipe and adhesive bandages. Others want to ensure the recipients have everything they need in this kit and choose a more comprehensive one, a kit that includes items such as tweezers, an emergency blanket and vinyl gloves. The ability to customize the case ensures every business looking to provide a kit of this type in Canada will be able to get exactly what they require.

Promotional items are frequently given away by companies. As people tend to be inundated with these products, they pay less attention to them. However, by providing an item that every individual can benefit from, a company will find they distinguish themselves from competitors. Consider investing in promotional first aid kits for your clients, employees and suppliers. The return on investment easily outweighs the initial money spent on purchasing these products.