A custom logo wireless speaker with a vintage design sitting on a work desk; next, a wireless charge station and journal combination is being used while working from home; finally, a corporate business gift of a luxury charging station is being used to recharge an employee's phone.

Company Branded Wireless Chargers & Custom Printed Charging Pads

Recent research has shown just how powerful promotional products can be. Yet, you do still need to be careful to choose the right promo products for your company. With our wireless charging pads, you can be sure you’ve chosen a promo item that your customers are going to appreciate and use every single day.

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A wireless charger will stay on your clients desk for years

We offer numerous designs to ensure you can find the perfect charger to give away to all of your customers without costing too much.

Reach Out to Potential Customers for Less

Marketing can be expensive. Promo products like wireless chargers, however, can help you reach out to more potential customers for less. They help promote company loyalty and they’re inexpensive enough to give away as gifts to current customers. Choosing a wireless charger is a cost-effective way to market your business no matter which model you choose.

More Unique Than Business Cards

Business cards still have their place today, but most people don’t look at a business card they’ve received unless they happen to think about the company and want to contact them. In fact, they often throw away business cards they receive. Our wireless charging pads are a unique option to give to potential customers, and they’re something the customer will use often so they continue to be reminded of your business.

Boost Brand Recognition for Your Company

The more a customer sees your logo or your company name, the more likely they are to think about your business when they need something you offer. Our chargers include QI technology to ensure they’ll work well so your customers will use them over and over. The more they use the charger, the more they’ll see your name and the more likely it is they’ll contact you in the future.

Something Your Customers Will Use

You want your customers to use the promotional products you offer to gain brand recognition. Our charges are designed to last and to work well, and they’re incredibly convenient for your customers. They work with the latest smartphones, so it’s likely your customer is going to truly appreciate this gift and it will become something they use daily.

Marketing Tool That Will Last

The longer a promotional product lasts, the bigger the impact it can have. Our wireless chargers are designed and made with longevity in mind so you don’t have to worry about your customers throwing it away after a few weeks or months. We have top-quality chargers to ensure your customers will use them again and again, and make sure they’ll see your company logo every time they need to charge their phone.

If you’re looking for a promotional product designed to provide amazing benefits for your company, look no further than the chargers we offer. Available throughout Canada, our chargers are something your customers need and are going to use frequently. They’re going to see your business name every time they need to charge their phone, putting you in the front of their mind when they need something you offer.