Three images that show plastic keyrings that have been made as custom shapes. The right is a workbook, the middle shows a digger branded with blue text and the right is a silicone loop promoting a new home design.

Order Customized Plastic Keyrings & Key Tags in Canada

Dynamic Gift Canada are able to custom produce a key tag to suit any brand, any shape and any size. We offer the complete service, what does this mean? It means you send us your logo in any format and our graphic designers produce a virtual preview of the finished custom shape keyrings to suit your companies identity. Once approved we produce the item from premium hypo-allergenic PVC or ABS plastic material. 3D and 2D moulded PVC options are available, Just ask us!

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Don't let your business be forgotten

People lose keys every day simply because they aren't attached to a ring. This offers an opportunity for companies that want to promote their business by giving away a small, yet functional, gift. Key chains are a very effective promotional item because they are inexpensive and your brand stays on them for a very long time. Every time a person opens their door, they see the name of the company, so it's quite difficult to forget about your business when they need the products or services that you have to offer. Although key rings may have initially been very plain, they now offer multiple options for companies that want to give them as promotional gifts.

More than just printed plastic keyrings

Plastic keyrings can do a lot more than keep keys together. Some popular options include bottle openers, flashlights, and lottery ticket scratchers. Offering one of these practical items to a customer or potential customer gives them something they can use every day as well as a reminder of the brand that gave it to them. Everyone needs an easy way to open cans without breaking their fingernails, and when a thoughtful company can offer that to a customer, they are sure to gain a certain amount of loyalty. The same is true for lottery ticket scratchers. No one wants to get the grey film under their nails, and there isn't always a coin handy when a person wants to scratch their ticket.

How to promote your brand effectively

Custom key rings can include a lot more information than people might think. In addition to the brand logo, a key ring can provide the web address, phone number, and even the physical address of the company. Consumers need multiple ways to get in touch with the companies they do business with, and when they have a key ring with all this information right at their fingertips, they'll be more likely to turn to the company they already trust when they need service. Giving these tools to customers makes it literally impossible for them not to have the contact information when they need it.

Looking for more premium options?

While Printed key tags are nice, some companies may want to offer their best customers and employees something a little more special. For these valued stakeholders, an engraved metal key ring is a great answer. This kind of key chain can last much longer, and giving these instead of printed items ensures the company name never wears off. Employees who carry them will surely get the attention of others who notice their nice key ring when they are shopping or eating in a restaurant. This gives people who love the company the opportunity to share that feeling with others and possibly even bring in new customers.

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When companies in Canada want to give their customers a small token to help them remember their phone number or web address when they are on the go, a key ring is a perfect solution. These promotional items are among the most affordable, but high-end key rings are also available for executives who need to present a professional image to their clients and the rest of the world.