Three images of handy mini custom flashlights ready for use in Canada. One is attached to a set of keys and another is being held in an open palm to show their convenient size. The middle image shows how bright they can be when switched on.

Custom Keyring Flashlights & Company Branded Key Lights Canada

These branded key lights are perfect for anyone in a corporate position to give to their clients and/or staff. They are great to give to people that are in real estate, construction, security, or road construction. They can also be given out in an office environment as a thank you gift. After all, having a flashlight on you can never hurt. In fact, they can actually be quite useful in unexpected jam, such as a car accident, or getting your car stuck at night. So these are great for any business in Canada to handout and show appreciation. Your staff and/or clients will make good use of them, and be surprised at what a useful free gift they were given.

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Plenty of choice in custom keyring lights

We offer an array of different key lights that are available to people all over Canada. We are truly your one stop shop for custom key lights. They come in aluminum and plastic, and there are all different shapes, sizes, and designs. All of these lights can be hooked to a key ring, or even a lanyard that goes around your neck. Some of them are imprinted key lights and some are engraved key lights. We use Pantone colours, which ensures your business name or brand will stand out. Our key lights can be shipped to Ontario, Toronto, and virtually anywhere else in Canada.

Cost effective giveaway item

Although these lights are a great way to show your appreciation, they are a very cost effective way to promote your business name, brand or logo as well. Each client or staff member that uses one of these custom key lights will be promoting your brand each time they use it. Whenever a name or logo is printed on a key light, it immediately attracts the average person’s eye. This will spark a conversation about the name of the company on the key light, and it may even lead to new clientele. Most of our key lights are available in various colours, so you can customize your lights to look however you want.

Nobody does it better than us

We also offer a rush deliver service for people that are in a time crunch, but conditions may apply. A team of designers will present you with a virtual sample of your order, before it is officially completed. We want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your engraved key lights.

Choose keyring flashlights for your next promo

There are two main qualities to look for in a product intended for a promotional giveaway: usefulness and cost. Keyring flashlights meet both of these qualifications. Available in a wide array of colors and styles, they make a perfect custom gift for trade show booths, company giveaways, and other events across Canada and beyond. Choosing an item that is sure to see plenty of use will help to ensure as many potential new customers as possible will get the chance to check out the company's logo or brand name.

The potential for customers to recognize a logo they've seen on a friend's keychain may seem minor, but trust the professionals when we say it's not. Brand recognition has become an increasingly important part of any successful marketing strategy, and rightfully so. Market research has proven customers are more likely to trust companies and brands they are able to immediately recognize. Keying flashlights printed with a company logo provide just one more means of getting information out there and forming a positive connection.

How we produce branded key lights

When designing a product for mass production and distribution, it's important to work with a company that offers both low prices and high-quality services. In order to be as effective as possible, promotional gifts must be made to last. Key chain flash lights are no exception. Be sure to give some thought to aesthetics as well as functionality, though. Choose a colour and shape that will compliment the company's logo, and think about going the extra distance. A keychain light is an effective marketing tool because it will be used frequently, increasing a company's or product's consumer visibility. A key chain light with a built-in bottle opener or a multi-tool could be even more useful, and thus even more effective.

Think about the intended audience as well. A company that produces children's toys would be unwise to give away keychains with built-in bottle openers to their customers, as it would give the wrong impression. Similarly, a makeup company might want to avoid drab colours like olive green. Ultimately it's all about reaching as many new customers or clients as possible without spending a fortune. Promotional gifts should be both useful and fun, and our keychain lights are both.