Three images showing the benefits of useful custom auto accessories in Canada. The left shows someone adjusting a promotional air freshener and enjoying the scent. The middle demonstrates easy ice removal with an ice scraper. The right shows the danger of loose groceries without any car trunk security.

Custom Printed Promotional Items for Automotive, Racing & Motor Sports

Marketing is important for any business, and there are many ways to market products and services available. However, there are some strategies that are so overused they become boring. To generate the most interest, promotional items must be truly useful, and that's where the benefits of our automotive promotional products come into play. Because there are a tremendous number of promotional products related to the automotive world, marketers generally have no problem locating one or more that fit their specific needs within our range. If you need assistance with our range, we are right here just give us a call or email today.

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Auto Dealerships Can Build More Sales With Our Products

Car dealer promotional items are often given to shoppers attending new model roll-outs, taking test drives, and purchasing both new and used vehicles. While most of the promotional items given to shoppers are relatively low cost, many dealerships marketing expensive vehicle lines spend a little more to keep their clients happy. People love well-made handouts that actually serve a purpose, and safety items, sunshades, and other accessories are generally well received by customers. The goal is, obviously, to encourage customers to return for other vehicles as well as parts and service following the sale. Happy customers are also more likely to refer friends and relatives to dealerships providing quality promotional items.

Racing Fans Enjoy Team-Focused Items

Racing teams love their fans, and they need them to buy promotional items that help to finance their operations. Building their brands increases the fan base and, at the same time, boosts the sales of their promotional gear. Promotional items supporting specific teams are evident at every race event, and fans show off their team loyalty by wearing or displaying their racing-related items between races.

Local Clubs Boost Their Visibility

In Canada, as in other parts of the world, car clubs sponsor shows throughout the year. Most clubs actively seek new members to boost their visibility and influence in the car club community, and promotional items are frequently awarded as prizes to both show participants and visitors. Because promotional items are available at a variety of price points, clubs can generally find options to meet their budget constraints while still providing memorable gifts and prizes.

Enthusiasts Love Car-Related Gifts

Many enthusiasts pamper their vehicles, but they also appreciate a little pampering themselves. Items like car chargers for phones and other accessories are always great gifts for automotive enthusiasts. Every vehicle owner needs a tire pressure gauge and safety accessories like emergency lights and kits to keep on hand. One tool recommended by safety experts is a car escape tool, which many automotive promotional products dealers are now carrying.

Since personal vehicles play major roles in the lives of their owners, accessorizing is recognized as a great way to personalize those vehicles. Dealerships, racing teams, and local car clubs are always looking for creative ways to boost their businesses, and top-quality promotional items carefully selected to match their needs are great solutions. Family members and friends of enthusiasts are often at a loss when it comes to selecting gifts that will truly be appreciated. Those needs are easily met by working with a provider of promotional products and vehicle-oriented gifts.