Three images showing people scraping the ice off their car windows in Canada with handy custom ice scrapers that can help with Canadian weather-related chores.

Custom Branded Ice Scrapers at Canada's Best Prices & Fastest Turnaround

We all know that an ice scraper isn’t going to be used as much down in Texas unless it’s to swat at the bugs, but for colder climates the joy of snow is strictly for tourists, and is a downright nuisance for those native to the area! Give people something they can use on a daily basis, a printed promotional ice scraper can accept your branding and contact details and will be seen for years to come. Request a free quote now!

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Help a client out during the colder months

Those not staying in hotels with heated garages or a valet service often wake in the winter mornings and look outside to see an unrecognizable lump under a drift of snow where they are pretty sure they left their car the night before. And under all that snow, the final reward-is frost that is stuck to every window and that has to be removed before you can start your day. This makes ice scrapers by Dynamic Gift Canada the perfect promo give away as we Canadians are more familiar with frost and snow than we care to be!

A reusable and long lasting branded gift

Printed ice scrapers are a great reusable item that lasts a long time, meaning your company’s name or logo is out in the world for years after the original investment. Custom branded ice scrapers are a great tool because everyone who drives in winter temperatures needs one and with an increasing number of households having more than one car, and sheltered parking becoming ever more a luxury for apartments and condos, vehicles are increasingly left outside to the mercy of the ice and snow. This means there is more call for ice scrapers than ever before.

Promotional ice scrapers are an ideal product that can be imprinted with your logo because they often sit in the console or on the backseat of cars, where the customer is constantly reminded of your company and the service you provide. Promo ice scrapers are a great large give away product as no matter the occupation or age range of your client, they are likely to need this item.

From students who are new drivers but have little cash to invest in the essentials needed for a car, to more mature clients who need an easy solution to quickly be rid of the ice so they can do the grocery shopping and school run in a short amount of time. This product is the perfect advertising solution for a wide target demographic! Our varied minimum order quantities mean this is a great option for businesses large and small. Independent garages who need to get their name out there and offer a sensible solution to ice removal (despite what the viral videos say – sandpaper is not an option!) all the way up to large scale corporations who want to promote safe driving and brand awareness.

Various options available

Our product comes in sizes for every need. Choose our lightweight credit card option that can be attached easily to a set of car keys and transported to and from your clients destination with ease. Or how about if you need the opposite end of the scale such as our heavy duty extendable ice scraper brush that is perfect for getting the snow off the roof of your car – hopefully decreasing the risk of being pulled over by the cops for shedding snow onto other highway users while driving. We even offer ice scraper mitts, because what is more Canadian than a plaid hand mitt to take on the elements with while also keeping your hand safe and warm?

These custom branded products come with available wholesale discounts to resellers, passing on those essential savings and freeing up your money for other areas. We also offer a free mock up artwork service so you can preview your logo before it even goes into production! Order ice scrapers from Dynamic Gift Canada and get your advertising winter ready today.