Order Custom Metal Keyrings & Key Tags with Your Brand's Logo

Custom metal keyrings can be used by many different businesses and corporations as a promotional giveaway or thank you gift. They are usually given to customers, clients, and staff, but they can be given out at any event of your choosing, to whomever you wish. You can even have a name or message printed on them, if your intentions aren’t to use them as a company give away. These metal keyrings are used at businesses and events all throughout Canada, but they are most commonly known for being used at car dealerships. Car dealerships usually give away a metal key ring when they present their customers with their new car keys. They keyrings usually have a key tag with the name and number of the dealership on them.

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  1. Recessed Enamel Keyrings
    Recessed Enamel Keyrings
    Priced from $1.20 to $4.95
  2. Raised Enamel Keyrings
    Raised Enamel Keyrings
    Priced from $1.20 to $4.95
  3. misty copper round shaped moulded and polished keyring with split ring attached
    Moulded & Polished Keyrings
    Priced from $1.20 to $6.95
  4. speech bubble shaped epoxy dome keyring with blue and white screen print
    Screen Printed Keyrings
    Priced from $1.20 to $3.95
  5. Full Colour Printed Keyrings
    Full Colour Printed Keyrings
    Priced from $1.20 to $5.75
  6. Contactless Tool Keyring
    Contactless Tool Keyring
    Priced from $2.38 to $4.45
  7. Carabiner with Split Key Ring
    Carabiner with Split Key Ring
    Priced from $0.92 to $1.42
  8. Original Beer Wrench
    Original Beer Wrench
    Priced from $1.16 to $1.58
  9. Round Emblem Beer Wrench
    Round Emblem Beer Wrench
    Priced from $1.06 to $1.29
  10. Deluxe Bottle Opener
    Deluxe Bottle Opener
    Priced from $3.11 to $3.47
  11. Mini Multi-Function Key Ring
    Mini Multi-Function Key Ring
    Priced from $1.39 to $1.85
  12. Aztec Multi-tool Key-light
    Aztec Multi-tool Key-light
    Priced from $5.52 to $6.95
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The Premium Metal Keyring & Key Tag Supplier

We offer a wide range of keyrings, and we deliver all over Canada. Our custom metal keyrings come in various different designs, with various different attachment gifts. For example, we have keyrings that are more traditional with a regular tag attached to put your company name and/or logo. But we also have keyrings with tags that are a bit more creative. There are keyrings that have bottle openers attached to them, mini flashlights, and more.

Our Premium Range On Display

Some of our promotional keyrings come in various colours, and others are available in various different finishes. The colour options that are available to you vary depending on the custom metal keyrings of you decide to purchase. They are great to give out as promotional gifts at businesses, companies, and car dealerships. Our keyrings are completely customizable, so you can have your company name or logo printed on them in various Pantone colours. The Pantone imprinting makes the colours vibrant, so they are sure to catch the attention of anyone who glances at them.

Simple, Effective & Stylish

Okay, so we offer some handy features and interesting decoration methods, but it's still just a metal key tag, right? Wrong! Ever think about giving an engraved keyring and pen or mini flashlight set as an appreciation gift for valued clients? Now that's a useful and personalized gift that not only keeps your customers happy, but keeps your company name on their mind as well as at their fingertips!

Buy From The Best In Canada

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, which is why we make sure we have the lowest prices in Canada. We also offer wholesale discounts to authorized resellers and even have a rush delivery service available for those who are pressed for time, but conditions may apply. To top it all of, our team of designers will also show you a virtual sample of your custom metal keyrings before your order is finalized and it's completely free of charge!