Polyester Tote Bags, Custom Printed & Promotional Options

Whatever your company represents, what could be better than a promo product that is long lasting, reusable, versatile and above all, useful to your target audience? Such an item does not exist I hear you say? Dynamic Gift Canada’s printed polyester bags are all of these things and more! Contact us for Canada's lowest prices and fastest turnaround on polyester tote bags.

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A modern choice for a modern company

In our world today, eco friendly is no longer a hot topic of the select few. We are all rapidly becoming more aware of the negative impact we have on our planet and how one of the leading causes of non-degradable garbage is single use products. With this in mind it’s not surprising that so many companies are now seeking alternatives, particularly to one use plastic bags in an effort to reduce their waste and promote corporate responsibility. While polyester may not be biodegradable, it is still a huge step forward for your company and its image by promoting multi-use, multi-purpose products. By choosing a branded polyester tote you are not only showing that you are more environmentally responsible but also reducing the chance discarded plastic with your company’s logo will be seen harming wildlife and damaging the environment.

The power of polyester!

Polyester bags also come with many benefits to the end user which is great for any company who needs to make sure their product is practical and regularly in use. It is durable and long lasting, meaning this product is less likely to be tagged out of the team in favour of a more reliable item. Polyester is more water resistant than cotton products and easier to wipe clean, with less chance of staining. It is also less prone to wrinkling than other bags, which is a great bonus for both the customer who doesn’t want to be seen with a damaged item and your logo to remain untarnished over the course of the bag’s lifetime.

Function and fashion in one!

Our custom shopper bags come in a huge variety of styles, shapes and sizes meaning you are spoiled for choice even before you get around to choosing what you want printed on it. Choose the handle that will suit your customers’ needs, because carrying something comfortably can be the crucial factor in whether a product is favoured or ignored.

Over the shoulder, by hand – what your customer will use this bag for makes a huge difference in how they are likely to prefer it over other options. No one wants to be coming back from the store with uncomfortable bag handles cutting off circulation in their fingers as they stagger home! And with a printed polyester bag you can say goodbye to those handles sneakily breaking as they so often do in single use shopping bags. So whether they are for groceries, carrying gym clothes or just those everyday essentials you can’t leave home without, our wide range means you can do the choosing rather than having the choice made for you!

A mobile billboard for your logo

With a large surface area for advertising, in addition to the stunning colour options that we offer – anyone unfortunate enough to not be carrying your product is sure to notice it, even from a distance! With so many people taking their tote wherever they go, your custom shopper bag is likely to be seen by countless people as it makes its way from home to the store, onto public transit and more – the list is endless! With reusable bags being both in demand and a fashionable choice to show you care about our planet, your branded polyester tote is unlikely to be hidden from public view too!

Saving you money

We offer a range of minimum order quantities, and a low price guarantee to cater to businesses of all sizes. However, our commitment to keeping your investment affordable doesn’t stop there. Dynamic Gift Canada also offers a wholesale discount to resellers, passing on those vital savings that can make every difference to achieving your advertising goals.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch and bag yourself a great product and advertising solution sewn into one, purchase printed polyester bags today!