Workplace safety gear and workwear with company logos worn by warehouse employees and construction workers across Canada.

Keep Staff and Company Branding Visible with Hi-Vis Apparel & Safety Wear

Keeping your staff visible isn't just a bonus – it can be essential. Creating imprinted safety workwear and hi-vis gear offers comfortable, quality custom apparel for construction workers, factory employees and more. From insulated custom hi-vis jackets to lightweight branded safety vests, we offer a range of custom logo safety apparel to cover every season. Give your employees attire that keeps them comfortable and visible all year round and free them up to focus on the task at hand. Start browsing our range of custom hi-vis safety apparel today to begin finding the perfect employee-branded uniforms and workwear for your business needs.

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Help Your Staff Stay Seen with Custom Hi-Vis Safety Wear

Responsible business owners know that when working outdoors or near heavy-duty machinery – staying visible can mean the difference between life and death. Poor lighting and bad weather can quickly reduce people into a background blur and put staff at risk of serious injury or worse. This might help explain why in so many types of employment in Canada, providing branded hi-vis apparel is not only common sense – it is the law. Promotional safety clothing in Canada provides a simple solution to helping keep your staff and visitors on-site in sight and your workplace safer for all.

Create Comfortable Branded Safety Apparel for Employees

Providing custom logo high-vis clothing for your staff can be about more than safety when you choose great quality products. Giving your employees branded workwear reduces irritation from worrying about providing their personal clothing to inappropriate attire that leaves them feeling the cold or the heat. But why should you care what your staff wear? Offering well-fitting and suitable custom apparel for employees can help them to focus on their work instead of how uncomfortable they are. It helps your business look professional and unified, which is excellent for presenting a sense of an established, confident company to the outside world. Finally, being a responsible business owner and offering the right gear for the job at hand can show existing staff and new that you care about their welfare which could potentially aid staff retention and improve employee satisfaction. All these bonuses mean that selecting comfortable custom safety work apparel sounds like great news for business owners and staff.

Protect Visitors and Clients with Custom Hi-Vis Apparel

Depending on the work environment, you might get unexpected or expected visitors. From auditors to prospective clients, sometimes it's just not enough to provide imprinted safety workwear for staff alone. Creating useful apparel like promotional hi-vis vests in a one-size-fits-most option can enable your business to provide safety attire for people who do not work for you. Help keep your guests as safe as your staff during walk-rounds and inspections, with quality custom logo safety vests and more.

Custom Safety Clothing with Multiple Branding Options

Just because you are creating apparel for the workplace, it doesn't mean you have to be limited on branding options! Check out a few of the most popular branding styles for employee custom jackets and tees, or get in touch with your chosen apparel for a full list of options.

  • Embroidered Apparel – Custom embroidery for workwear offers a lasting brand solution and can be a great option for more high-ticket items like custom logo safety jackets and winter insulated attire. Placing your custom message with embroidery can allow your design to stand up to the elements and helps to keep your message visible for all to see.
  • Custom Patches – Similar to embroidery, custom logo patches for branded apparel and workwear offer a more lasting decorating option for your design. Easy to notice and able to be placed almost anywhere, patch branding could be the perfect choice for your custom employee apparel with logos.
  • Custom Print – If you are looking for a great way to go bold on more inexpensive items like printed safety tees, promotional print branding could be perfect for you. This option is often a favourite for T-shirts and vests and offers an easy-to-read solution for your logo visibility. Choosing print can be a great move for items with a higher turnover but it is worth keeping in mind that all print, no matter the quality, will fade and crack over time and hand washing is more typically recommended.

Still unsure which to choose for your promotional safety apparel? Contact our staff to get started on getting the best branding solution for your custom workwear for your staff today!

The Benefits of Great Custom Hi-Vis Attire for Your Staff

We all know that the weather here can be something extra! From seemingly endless snow to the baking hot sun, mother nature likes to go all out when it comes to the seasons in Canada. Choosing quality custom logo safety apparel and hi-vis gear can not only help your staff remain seen, but also provide them with the armour they need to battle the elements. Check out our branded apparel for employees to find attire with the following options!

Safety Gear & Workwear Product Features

From custom safety tees with breathable material to cozy insulated branded hi-vis winter jackets, start browsing today to find the perfect choice for this season.

Choose Quality Custom High Visibility Workwear in Canada

From water-resistant branded safety jackets to breathable imprinted safety tees, finding quality hi-vis wear for your staff can be easy when you work with us. We offer choices to help keep your staff comfortable and ready to tackle their work; instead of fighting the weather. Start browsing our selection of custom safety clothing options to start discovering the perfect branded apparel for your employees, or contact us to get started!