Branded bandanas and custom tube headwear being worn by people outside and a dog relaxing on vacation in the Muskokas.

Order Custom Tubular Headwear & Branded Bandanas at Competitive Canadian Prices

Looking for a fun alternative to ball caps for your staff? Seeking promotional headwear that is stylish and a little bit different to what your competitors are currently using? Or maybe you are simply tired of your teammates sweating everywhere during a match – but aren’t thrilled with the idea of them repeatedly banging into you with a cap brim either. Whatever your reason, promotional bandanas by Dynamic Gift Canada are a great way to keep fresh and look sharp for sports events, in the workplace and more!

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How the humble bandana can greatly benefit your business

They might be a simple piece of material, but custom printed bandanas can create a powerful impact when it comes to brand awareness. They are more unique than many other styles of caps you see on a regular basis and so more likely to be noticed and be remembered. Custom bandanas have a larger surface area than many standard forms of promotional headwear, meaning you can really get creative, rather than being confined to a small space. This means they have a better chance of being spotted from a distance as well as being easy to view making them a fantastic marketing tool when it comes to imprinted attire.

Why are custom embroidered bandanas so popular for those in the culinary arts?

When we are watching TV or even get a glimpse of a restaurant kitchen when we are out for dinner, it’s common to see the culinary staff wearing bandanas as they go about their work. Besides looking smart, what is the reason for this when they are often behind the scenes? It often comes down to hygiene. Kitchens are hot. The ovens are on and people move fast. This means they sweat, and you would probably enjoy your food a little less with that particular addition to it! Bandanas help keep foreheads that otherwise can’t always be wiped in time, dry and help staff adhere to culinary hygiene codes. They lightweight on the head and fit all head shapes, meaning they are less likely to come loose as the person bends forward to check food or meal prep. Finally, they are easy to wash and transport, meaning at the end of the day they can be cleaned easily and ready for the next shift! Imprinting your logo onto these custom embroidered bandanas is a great way to look professional and keep clean at the same time, making them a long term hit with anyone that has to shout, ‘order ready’ or ‘heard!’ at their place of work.

When custom ball caps aren’t always the solution

Sure, ball caps can look great in the right work environment, but sometimes you definitely need something a little different. Team sports like basketball where there is close contact bring the risk of accidents when the wrong clothing is worn. Custom printed bandanas are soft and better fitted to the contours of the head, without the risk a hard fronted cap can bring. They are lightweight and stay on the head securely, making them great for culinary staff who have enough to do without worrying that their cap might fall in the soup! Or how about gym classes where our members have enough to do following the instructor without having a cap peak blocking their view every time they move around. The more we look at our day to day lives, the more we see that there’s no denying bandanas can be a handy and practical solution for so many work and leisure situations around us.

What is a fandana and how are they used?

A little less well known, but no less handy than it’s relative the bandana is the fandana. Unlike bandanas that come traditionally as a square piece of fabric, fandanas are tube shaped and ready to go. They can be worn as beanies, headbands and even scrunchies but their use doesn’t end there. Fandanas can also be worn on the arms or even as neck warmers, helping the wearer stay warm exactly where they are feeling the cold the most. From their usefulness keeping dust away from the nose and mouth, to their ability to fit amongst layers where a traditional scarf might be too bulky, you might not be familiar with the word, but you have likely seen them around! These handy imprinted items make great advertising tools, just like bandanas and come with all the same marketing perks such as a good size surface area and easy to notice from a distance.

Ordering promotional bandanas from Dynamic Gift Canada

From culinary schools to team sports, we are ready to help! We have friendly and experienced sales staff, fast quote and shipping times and an in house art service ready to get those dreams of better branded attire off the wish board and into those who need it’s hands. So, if you are looking for custom bandanas or even another type of promotional headwear you haven’t seen - why not contact us today to find out more and get started?