Our Select Range of Portfolios, Available Custom Branded with Your Logo

Technology appears to be taking over every part of the world. People can now simply tap a credit card against a screen and pay for items they want and will soon be able to take a selfie to accomplish the same goal. However, one thing will never change. People still love to use pen and paper to write their thoughts at times, as nothing can compare to the convenience and simplicity that comes with jotting down your notes. For this reason our corporate branded portfolios and jotters are brilliant for giving to clients and staff too.

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  1. Coordinator Notebook
    Coordinator Notebook
    Priced from $3.27 to $4.35
  2. Cross Zippered Padfolio
    Cross Zippered Padfolio
    Priced from $78.02 to $98.29
  3. Alicia Klein Deluxe Padfolio
    Alicia Klein Deluxe Padfolio
    Priced from $39.00 to $49.13
  4. A black Jr. Padfolio with a debossed logo on the front
    Pedova eTech Jr. Padfolio
    Priced from $19.72 to $24.85
  5. Precision Zippered Padfolio
    Precision Zippered Padfolio
    Priced from $34.22 to $43.12
  6. A terracotta coloured zippered padfolio with a debossed logo on the front
    Pedova Zippered Padfolio
    Priced from $29.43 to $37.08
  7. An angled view of a navy writing pad with a debossed logo on the front
    Hampton Writing Pad
    Priced from $24.63 to $31.03
  8. Pedova Portfolio
    Pedova Portfolio
    Priced from $27.85 to $35.08
  9. Field & Co. Cambridge Writing Pad
    Field & Co. Cambridge Writing Pad
    Priced from $47.92 to $60.38
  10. Manchester Jr. Zippered Padfolio
    Manchester Jr. Zippered Padfolio
    Priced from $17.15 to $21.62
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Items 1-12 of 36

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Printed & branded jotters are a great corporate gift

Some individuals turn to pen and paper as they want to go back to a time in their life when things were simpler. Other people simply make use of pen and paper as they need to remember something and physically writing it down helps them to do so. Regardless of why a person chooses to make use of these items, they will appreciate the gift of a custom journal or printed portfolio to hold their collection of papers.

Why This Is of Importance to Companies

Companies in Toronto and across Canada find they benefit from this desire to write things down as opposed to inputting them in a computer. A business that presents custom journals and printed portfolios to their customers, employees, suppliers and more find they increase brand awareness when doing so. At the same time, they are providing an item the recipient will benefit from, and he or she remembers this every time the item is put into use.

Technology Lovers

This does not mean individuals who love technology and use it whenever possible won’t benefit from a gift of this type. Companies find they can purchase wholesale padfolios to accommodate these individuals. Every person has their preferred method of gathering and saving information, and Dynamic Gift understands this. We offer a variety of custom journals and printed portfolios to meet the needs of all.

Available Items

Select a printed portfolio, a zippered ring binder, a passport wallet and more. Some companies find a writing pad is sufficient, yet others won’t settle for anything less than a tech pad. As there are multiple styles and sizes to choose from and a wide range of materials, finding the right item to represent your business has never been easier.

Giveaway Ideas

A company may reserve these items and use them only for customer appreciation gifts. Other organizations choose to provide them to conference attendees or at trade shows. Suppliers benefit from the use of these items also. Regardless of who receives them, the journal or portfolio will spread awareness of the business throughout Canada. Contact us today to discuss what your business needs and how we can help you obtain this item.

When you choose to work with us, you’ll find we provide fast personalized quotes. This allows you to determine if changes need to be made and where. In addition, we offer a free design service and work with you to ensure the finished product is exactly what you desire and will promote your business in the most favourable light. Finally, we offer same day production, so you get your item in the shortest time possible. Visit us today and we’ll be happy to assist you in any way we can.