People using branded golf umbrellas to help endure bad weather at a golf course in Ontario during the spring.

Custom Printed Golf Umbrellas for Golf Fans & Great Business Brand Awareness!

Even the most committed golf fan probably doesn't enjoy getting rained on, but don't worry – promotional golf umbrellas are here to help! Available in a wide array of sizes & styles, these awesome custom branded golf umbrellas all have one thing in common – they are great for keeping away the rain. With golf umbrellas being so easy to notice, your branding also has the potential to draw attention even from a distance. A great option for custom logo business gifts, golf rewards and promotional events – visit our range now to start finding yours!

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Are Promotional Golf Umbrellas Worth It?

When it comes to custom brandable products, there certainly are a lot of options out there! So why choose custom logo golf umbrellas for your promotion or marketing campaign? When it comes to popular sports in Canada, you might first think of hockey, but golf isn't far behind it! A surprisingly popular sport, golf's calmer nature and rolling scenery might sometimes get overshadowed by more physical sports – but studies suggest over 5 million Canadians are fans or players of the game. With over two thousand courses available country-wide – golf seems like it's here to stay! This means getting your message linked to branded golf gear like printed umbrellas could be a great move for your brand awareness and visibility.

What are Customized Golf Umbrellas Used For?

People might love golf, but they are less keen on being exposed to the elements that can come with it. Golf courses are designed with wide open landscapes and this means minimal shelter while playing or spectating. Creating custom branded umbrellas for golf provides an option for mobile shelter from the sun and the rain! This makes them a valuable addition to branded golf accessories and a great option for your custom message or design! Give your recipients something useful that could increase their enjoyment of the game and keep them protected on or off the green when you select umbrellas with your logo for promotional golf incentives, rewards, gifts and more.

Go Large for Branding with Promotional Golf Umbrellas

We might dream of having billboards across Canada with our branding on for all to see, but the reality of it is often expensive and sadly out of reach for most businesses. There's no denying that going large when it comes to print can make an impact, but is there a way to achieve this more economically? Customized golf umbrellas are here to help! They might not be as large as a billboard, but these branded promotional products are large and easy to notice. Getting your message over the heads of the crowd in rain or shine could be a great way to raise brand awareness for your business. If that wasn't enough, custom umbrellas for golf in Canada often boast a large print surface parameter. This means going big and bold for branding on a useful product could be as easy as opening your umbrella!

Create Useful Branded Gifts With Corporate Golf Umbrellas!

Choosing gifts can be tricky, especially if you don't know your recipient as well as you would like. Selecting a branded business gift or marketing reward with a purpose can be a great way to navigate this situation and printed umbrellas could be the perfect solution. Giving clients something reusable and useful with your message included means business rewards with a personal touch, a great talking point and, of course – the chance for your message to leave the office and start travelling.

Give Your Logo the Chance to Shine, Whatever the Weather!

Getting your message out of the house and into the public eye could be easy when you choose promotional golf umbrellas for your logo or photo! This means the chance to draw attention, even from a distance and get people talking about what matters to you or your business. Whether you are looking for custom branded umbrellas for golf with a low minimum for corporate gifts or printed umbrellas in bulk – we are here to help! Just like umbrellas, we are here come rain or shine, ready to get your message onto quality promotional products that could help drive your brand awareness forwards. Don't let your design be a washout due to poor-quality branding! Go ahead and give your design the representation it deserves by contacting our staff today to find out more about customized golf umbrellas for your next promotional event.