Branded golf towels being used to clean clubs before their owner plays a round of golf in Hamilton on a sunny day.

Custom Promotional Golf Towels Branded with Your Logo or Message!

Help make sure your next campaign is a "tee-rific" one with some creative promotional golf towels! Custom logo golf towels can be easily attached to golf bags, instantly giving your clients a great way to clean their clubs. With each use comes the chance for your message or design to be refreshed in their mind, and this can mean awesome brand awareness potential for you. With custom printed golf towels being so easy to wash and reuse, your promotional item could still be working hard for you long after your event is over. Don't miss out on yours, start browsing today!

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Are Custom Golf Towels Worth it?

When it comes to promotional golf gear, there is a lot to choose from and while this is awesome news for variety, it can make navigating the world of branded golf accessories a little overwhelming! Getting your message onto something useful could be key to keeping your information close to hand, but are custom logo golf towels useful? You might be surprised to learn that the humble branded golf towel is arguably one of a golfer's most essential pieces of kit! Without this item, gear can't be cleaned and this could affect the quality of play on the course and the equipment integrity over time after the items have been packed away. No one wants to play golf with stinky, dirty clubs or to have their swing ruined by sweaty hands, and this means it's your imprinted golf towel's chance to shine! With each use comes the chance for your message to be refreshed in the eyes of the user and noticed by those around it. Not bad for a piece of fabric, right? This might help explain why promotional golf towels remain so popular with golfers and businesses year after year.

Print or Embroidery? Which is better for Branded Golf Towels?

The main options for customized golf towels are embroidery and printing - but which is the best for branding? Below is a breakdown of the key highlights and potential drawbacks of each option to help make it easier to decide!

  • Custom Embroidered Golf Towels: Choosing embroidery for your golf towels means you can have branding that goes the distance. One of the most durable forms of branding available, embroidery can help your message stay clear and fresh for longer. This helps to make it a great choice for higher-end products like golf shirts and more luxurious golf towels. The potential downside to choosing this branding style is that unless you have a small logo and a low stitch count it can get pricey compared to print. Still, with its longevity, it could be argued that your message will be around and on display long after your event or gift-giving is over – giving you value for your investment and the representation your logo and business deserves.
  • Imprinted Golf Towels: This option typically comes in the form of either screen print or dye sublimation. Although a popular option for short-term use, screen print is not recommended for a long-lasting form of branding as it sits on top of the fabric, making it more prone to wear, tear and cracking. Despite this, screen printed golf towels are a great option for short-term marketing campaigns, events, custom golf swag giveaways and more. Dye sublimation, unlike screen print, means your print goes into the fabric in the form of dye. This option means that although your custom golf accessory won't be impervious to fading over time, your logo may last longer than if it's placed on top of the towel fabric. The main benefit of choosing print in general for branded logo golf towels is the sheer versatility available when it comes to design. Print is less limited than embroidery, making it a popular choice for branded sports and golf towels.

So which is the better option overall? It comes down to what you want your promotional golf towel is intended for with marketing purposes! Are you creating a wide range, economical brand awareness event to help spread your message, or looking to design lasting business gifts and rewards? If you are unsure, we are ready and waiting to help you decide – all you have to do is send your logo and inquiry!

Get Your Brand Linked to Canada's Love of Golf – Without the Heavy Price Tag!

Did you know that golf is one of the most popular sports in Canada? When it comes to Canadian sports we might think first of hockey, but golf is close behind! Choosing imprinted microfibre golf towels in bulk or embroidered golf towels for branded business gifts could be the perfect way to get your name out there – even if you don't play yourself! Whatever you decide upon, don't let your next event be a swing and a miss by choosing poor-quality branding for your custom logo golf towels! Get in touch with our staff today, and let's tee off your brand awareness in style this season.