Custom golf club covers being used by a golfer playing on a scenic golf course in Manitoba on a beautiful summer day.

Custom Logo Golf Club Covers Available in Novelty & Traditional Style Options!

Custom branded golf club covers are more than just a great gift for those golf fans you know, they can make powerful marketing tools too! With their usefulness & location, custom logo club covers offer great brand visibility on an item that helps keep golf clubs safe and protected. Choose from a wide range of traditional styles, or mix it up with some fun, novelty options to help your brand stand out! We even offer some products that are decorated right here in Canada. Visit our selection to start browsing for your next important golf event today!

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Why Choose Custom Branded Golf Club Covers?

When it comes to choosing a promotional item, getting your logo onto something useful and easy to notice could be a great move! Golf is one of Canada's most popular sports and this means your message has the chance to be linked to something with high public interest and a large audience. But why select custom embroidered golf club covers for your needs? Whether you choose novelty or traditional styles, club covers are an essential piece of golf kit for all levels and skills of players. With golf clubs often being the most expensive piece of kit they will own, keeping them safe matters and this makes customized covers for golf clubs a highly useful accessory that's just waiting for your logo.

What are Golf Club Covers Used For?

We might know these handy items sit over club heads while they aren't in use, but why are they used? One of the main reasons these products seem to be everywhere you look on a golf green is because they reduce impact damage. Clubs have to be transported to the course and then make their journey around before they start the trip back home until the next time. These expensive items get jolted around even by the most careful of users and with so many in one golf bag, without an extra layer of protection, they could easily damage one another. The second reason is that golf is an outdoor game and with the majestic, wide-sweeping landscapes of the golf course comes...dirt! Keeping clubs grime free and reducing their contact with soil or even dust while in storage could help extend a club's longevity and usability. This means branded golf club covers are a valuable addition to custom golf accessories all year round.

What Types of Promotional Golf Head Covers are Available?

You might be surprised to know that customized golf club covers have come a long way from their origins. The number of options and styles available just keeps on coming, but they can be broken down into two key departments, novelty Vs traditional for easier convenience and browsing.

  • Custom Embroidered Novelty Golf Club Covers: This style of cover is certainly an attention grabber! Choosing something adorable like animal-shaped golf covers branded with your logo can be a great way to make a memorable impact on the course or at golf events. These custom plush club covers offer a cute accent to golf kits and could be a great conversation starter wherever they go.
  • Promotional Traditional Golf Head Covers: These handy cover options can be made out of classical materials like leather or more modern synthetic ones like PU. Easy to custom embroider, these club covers offer a traditional and sophisticated backdrop for your branding needs. A great option for promotional business gifts, corporate rewards and incentives – these items offer a subtle style that has remained popular for years with custom golf accessories and golfers.

Create Useful Custom Golf Rewards for Tournaments and Events

No matter what your event is, getting your message onto something that is perceived as valuable matters when it comes to brand awareness. No one wants to think about their hard work or investment being relegated to a forgotten drawer at home and this means choosing something with a purpose can be essential. Imprinted covers for golf heads offer a useful piece of kit for golfers of all skill levels and play styles that could be a handy addition to their collection! Create commemorative participation rewards for golf events or branded gold tournament prizes that could be in use long after your important event has ended when you choose branded golf club covers for your occasion.

Get Quality Branding From Us with Custom Golf Club Covers

Whatever you need when it comes to promotional golf accessories, don't let your custom logo fall into the rough due to poor-quality branding! We are here to help you get the print or embroidery you need to help make this golf season one to remember for your promotional event. We have a Canadian-based office with an experienced sales team and an in-house art department to deliver the best promotional experience, whatever product you decide on. Contact us today to get started on your branded swag for golf events, customized club head covers and more!