Logo Branded Pill Boxes & Custom Printed Pill Cases in Canada

These are custom pill boxes that have a 7 day schedule on them. There are seven conjoined boxes that are marked for each day of the week. Although the boxes are conjoined, there are seven individual compartments for 7 separate doses of daily medications, vitamins, and/or supplements. They snap open and closed for easy access, which is great for people that struggle with strength, or hand ailments. They’re also great for active, on the go people that need to easily access their daily medications or vitamins. The weekly schedule on the pill boxes make it easier to keep track of your medication, and easier to remember to take it.

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Giveaway Item For The Pharmaceutical Industry

Our pill boxes can be customized with your company name or logo, and we deliver all throughout Canada. Your logo, company name, or number can be printed on the front facing surface of our custom pill boxes. That way your unique name, message, or logo can easily be seen. Although these pill cases can be used as promotional giveaways, they are also great to handout at doctors’ offices, pharmacies, and other medical facilities. You can have your emergency contact information printed on them, and patients and customers will be thankful for the thoughtful gift. You can give them to patients and explain to them that there is emergency contact information right on the company logo pill case. It’s a useful gift that shows you are looking out for their best interest.

Great Promotion for All Companies

Whether it is a Health Company, Fitness Company, or doctor’s office that you have in Canada, these pill cases are sure to represent your company or office in a positive way. You can choose to have your name, logo, or contact information printed on your pill cases in various Pantone colours. The Pantone colours are vibrant, which makes your information stand out. That way it’s easy for patients or customers to see. The pill cases themselves come in 3 different colour variations. Translucent blue, translucent pink, and classic clear. Our custom pill boxes are about 5.875 inches long by 1.312 inches wide by 1 inch thick. The size of your company name, logo, or contact information can be printed at a height of 0.35 inches and a width of up to 2.50 inches.

Choose Dynamic Gift For Your Health Items

We have the lowest priced bill boxes in Canada because customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We also have a rush delivery service for people who need promotional pill boxes in a hurry. However, if you choose to have your products rushed to you, conditions may apply. As I mentioned before, we want to make sure our customers are completely satisfied with our products. That’s why we also have a team of designers that will provide you with a virtual sample of your company logo pill cases, before your order is completed.