Three people apply their custom lip balms in Canada before heading out to work and for leisure at the start of the day.

Custom Printed & Promotional Lip Balms, Domestically Shipped Across Canada

We can't be matched on price, quality or turnaround time on promotional products and our range of branded lip balm sticks are no exception. With our 100% free art service you get a preview of your lip balms prior to production combined with nationwide delivery from within Canada we really are your one stop shop for not just lip balms but all promo items.

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Custom Promotional Lip Balms With Your Logo

Everyone knows that the weather, especially in Canada, has a mind of its own, and an unpredictable one at that. Snow one moment, then howling wind bending the trees in two, and just as you are ready to venture outside – the sun comes out and it’s so humid both you and the snow turn into melting puddles and your winter clothes are useless. The toque comes off, the gloves are angrily stowed away, the coat is thrown over one shoulder as you stamp along in your winter boots on the now baking hot pavement. The one item that doesn’t budge however, is the long lasting lip balm that is already applied and still in use, whatever the weather. With promotional lip balms by Dynamic Gift Canada you can rest assured that whatever the climate, you and your chosen customers are prepared with an item that is useful no matter what the day brings.

Our branded lip balms are a great, low cost investment for businesses who do not have the resources to heavily invest in advertising, but need a product that will be constantly in use and on display to the world. They are a long lasting essential item that people carry on their person wherever they are heading, because it doesn’t take anyone long to learn that chapped lips can be painful.

High Impressions Per Item Given

Choosing to place your customized logo on one of our promotional lip balm sticks is smart advertising because besides being a useful product, your chosen recipient will soon associate your brand with the relief of having the product they need to make their day more comfortable and easy to manage. These items are small, lightweight and easy to stow away. They will never be left behind in favour of another product due to limited bag space and can be kept right at hand in your customers pocket, meaning your branded logo or company name is always within reach! With additional wholesale discounts available to resellers, free artwork mock up services, and a fast turn around on orders, getting your brand out there into the hands of the public has never been so simple.

Various Lip Balm Branding Options

Imprint your logo or business details on these products to keep your company top-of-mind for people all year round! How often have you said, or heard someone say “that smells amazing, what is it”? Our branded lip balms come in a range of options, why not choose peppermint flavoured as a Christmas give away and associate your brand with Christmas cheer? Or how about our passion fruit flavour for those baking hot Ontario summers? Our product also comes with different SPF options that go all the way up to 30. Flavours not your target audience’s thing? Not a problem as we also offer unflavoured balms for those who are worried about walking into that important board meeting smelling like fruity goodness. With both sides covered, you can rest assured that whoever your audience is, we have what you need here today. Made from natural oils and waxes, our promotional lip balms are an awesome environmentally friendly give away that many other companies do not offer, and an ideal solution for those increasingly eco conscious customers.

Dynamic Gift Can Help You Reach Your Marketing Goals

Invest today and see your brand travel everywhere from the busy metropolis of Toronto, where it could be seen by thousands, all the way across the ocean as a vacation accessory. Getting your brand out there and world wide has never been so affordable, so what are you waiting for? Battle that Canadian weather and show it whose company is boss! Soothe those important customers lips and get that lip balm with your slogan out into the world today!