photos of several plush toys and plush golf club covers with key features listed; boost awareness and support for fundraisers, great appreciation or corporate gifts, raffle or golf tournament prizes

Branded Promotional Plush Toys & Other Custom Plush Products with Your Logo

If the usual corporate gifts are not your thing then try our range of teddies and plush toys, they are certain to impress the intended recipient. They can be combined as part of a gift pack with mugs, umbrellas, or any of our products. They can also be customized to match your staff uniforms or branding. Don't hesitate to contact us, we offer 100% obligation free quotes and a free design service so that you can see the final product prior to ordering.

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Custom promotional stuffed toys & plush teddies

No matter where a company is located or does business, owners will find that Custom Stuffed Toys and other promotional items can help to market their products and services. Many local businesses routinely use promotional products to help them improve their images and build brand awareness. These products are so versatile that they can be used for seminars, conferences, children’s events, and much more. There’s a big payoff in having custom promo items, and customers should consider the following six business benefits when making a purchase decision.

Greater Brand Awareness

No matter how big or small a company is or what it’s selling, brand awareness is a vital consideration. The more potential customers recognize a company’s name, the better things will be. In most cases, people elect to do business with firms whose names they recognize, and stuffed toys are an effective way to build brand recognition.

Increased Longevity

Promotional Plush Toys and other items are designed to last a long time. Useful and unique items are more likely to be used, but they need to be durable as well. When companies choose custom branded toys, they do so in the assurance that the item will be used for years. There’s no better way to get a company’s name in front of customers and keep it there.

Getting Attention

Promotional items such as stuffed animals and toys can bring attention to a company, especially if its products and services are geared toward children. Kids see everything and, when they get a promotional toy, they’re likely to share that information with their parents and other potential customers.

Starting a Conversation

Branded teddy bears are a great way to start a conversation, particularly in places where conventional networking is inappropriate. Custom toys give people the chance to strike up a conversation in a way that makes them feel comfortable, and they make kids happy as well. It’s a win-win situation.

Changing Attitudes

If a company has the ability to affect others’ attitudes in a positive manner, it should take the opportunity to do so. Custom Stuffed Toys are a great way to do it. For instance, giving a child or adult a branded teddy bear can help them build a lifelong positive attitude about the company. While a child may not always remember where those warm and fuzzy feelings came from, they will remember to think well of the company that gave them the toy.

Growing the Business

One of the best reasons to have a variety of promotional toys is to increase business and encourage sales. The more a company can spread its message, build its name, and make connections with others, the more sales they’re likely to get.

Making the Right Choices

There are custom promo items to suit any type of business. No matter the owner’s preferences, they’re bound to find a promotional toy that suits their needs and customers’ preferences. Some of the most popular promo items are pens, shirts, coffee mugs and, of course, branded toys. When a company’s name or logo is added to such items, they’re turned into marketing pieces that can build the corporate brand and bring in more buyers.

Call or Visit Today to Learn More

Every business can benefit from the use of branded toys and other promotional items. Whether the company uses teddy bears or other toys as giveaway items, the owner should see it as a chance to get the corporate brand out there. Keeping promo items in stock can benefit companies whether representatives are going to a conference, setting up a trade show booth, or simply handing toys out to customers and their children. Call or click today to learn more or to place an order.