Images of plush animals wearing printed apparel. There's a dr bear in scrubs, a moose, plush golf covers, a cute plush eagle wearing a red tee and two golf bear sitting in a golf cart ready to travel.

Custom Plushes & Plush Golf Covers Branded with Your Logo

From corporate gifts in Canada to marketing giveaways, customized plush are here to add an adorable touch to your event. These products might bring the "awwwe" factor but behind those charming expressions, they also offer a powerful tool for your brand awareness. With the ability to be placed in homes, on office desks, in the backseats of cars and more - your message could end up on display almost anywhere. Their cutesy nature helps to draw attention and gives people the conversation opener to talk about your message. With options offering multiple outfit choices, you can find gifts for mechanics, nurses and marketing incentives right here! Looking for a few of our best recommendations? Check out our plush flip catalogue!

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Custom Plush Animals Are More Than Just Adorable

If you are looking for corporate gifts in Canada, you probably haven't had to search for long before finding these adorable critters. But why are branded stuffed animals popping up at every turn and corner for business gifts and reward ideas?

  • Drawing Attention with Custom Plush Toys!: "Look at the cute otter! Oh, is that a stuffed cat?" Whether people are visiting your vendor booth or walking by a display stand in your business – getting them to stop and take in your products is important. Printed plushies with their friendly faces and cute outfits could be the perfect choice!
  • Creating Something Memorable: Whatever you need your promotional product for, you want to choose something that won't easily be forgotten. Branded plush animals offer an adorable way to draw attention and focus. With their cute nature, these products are also unlikely to remain hidden in cupboards or out of sight, that's for sure!
  • A Gift for a Wide Audience Range: Who is your target audience? With marketers often having a wide demographic and businesses looking for printed staff gifts for people they may not know personally – it can be difficult to find something suitable for everyone. Fortunately, Canadians seem united by their love of plush animals as gift solutions, offering your business a convenient option for an impressive range of people!

Now we know a little more about why plush animals with your logo could be a great choice for everything from printed executive gifts to promotional incentives – are there any other potential perks and benefits these adorable little cuties can offer? Check out the rest of our information below to find out!

Custom Plush Toys, Your Employee's New Best Friend

Pens and notebooks are great, but sometimes you need something different or for another purpose. Branded plush animals give your recipient more than just a custom business gift – they offer a squeezable stuffed friend. From sitting at work desks during the day to being taken on the go for travel, these stuffed plushies can offer your employees and clients a morale boost and adorable companionship. With stuffed toys linked to soothing anxiety and stress, these products could be great for employees, co-workers and clients alike.

What Do Our Branded Stuffed Animals Offer for Customization?

Whether you're looking for a stuffed dog, a cat or something crazy and wild, our wide range of stuffed animals gives your business the chance to get creative – but it doesn't end there! We also have options that include:

  • Outfit & Apparel Selection for Your Plush: From everyday tees to special career outfits like a white doctor's coat, you can choose the perfect plush outfit for your custom message and intended audience. Each option can be customized with either print or embroidery, great for brand versatility and design!
  • Different Plush Sizes: Are you looking for a small plush for a giveaway event or thinking of choosing full-sized for branded business gifts? With different size options available, the ideal stuffed animal for your promotion could be available here.
  • Canadian Decoration Options: Many of our custom plush animals come with outfits that are decorated right here in Canada. Contact our team to find out more about this and which options help support Canadian business!

With this much customization potential, creating plushes for car dealerships, realtor client gift ideas, marketing prizes, medical staff, golfers and more could be easy! Inquire about our awesome available options for plush animals with custom branding through our inquiry box.

Creating Quality Promotional Employee Gifts & Marketing Rewards

When it comes to passing along something with your custom message, sometimes it is a matter of quality over quantity. Fortunately, promo plushes offer the best of both worlds. With great minimums, excellent materials and options with Canadian branding available – you can rest easy knowing your printed stuffed toys will deliver the quality you deserve.

Why Does Quality Matter for Branded Plush Animals?

We previously mentioned quality, but why does that matter when finding plushes for custom gifts for businesses? Unlike items like pens and notebooks, poor-quality stuffies can quickly come unravelled – literally. You need strong stitching for all that squeezing, eyes that are attached more securely (unless you want to craft an eyepatch) and material that won't look ragged in a short amount of time. People might love their plush animals into tatters, but they certainly don't start out looking that way! This means in order for your recipient to form a bond with your plush, it needs to go the distance and that's why choosing quality can be so important.

Looking For Custom Plush Toys in Canada? We Can Help!

These plush toys are just waiting for your custom branding and a new buddy to be given to, so don't leave them waiting! Our office is based in Ontario, Canada, and our staff are ready to help answer everything from branding questions to "Which custom logo plush is your favourite?" With our speedy reply times and dedicated art service, your business gifts and rewards just got a whole lot more appealing – and that's without the printed plush animals added! Get in touch to get designing or to find out about how these plush could start working hard for your brand awareness.