Custom logo novelty swag fidget spinners and puzzles used by young people in Halifax, Canada for leisure time and socializing.

Custom Printed Toys & Personalized Novelty Products Make Great Conversation Starters

Who says that advertising has to be plain and practical? These promotional novelties mean you can easily add your important message or logo to something cheerful, exciting and fun! From seasonal sets to inexpensive incentives and fun conversation starters, getting noticed and standing out can be easy and affordable. When it comes to custom printed items, why not be different and get that attention you deserve with custom trinkets available from Dynamic Gift Canada!

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Get associated fun and excitement!

Marketing might be a serious business, but that doesn’t mean your chosen imprinted item has to be! Getting your brand or logo associated with the fun times can be a great way to link your business to happiness and entertainment in the minds of potential consumers. Novelty promo items are also an awesome method of showing the world a more human side to your company, that you are more than just a faceless corporation. ‘Hey look we have a sense of humor too’ might sound like a strange marketing tactic but in a world that seems increasingly dominated by impersonal labels and big corporations, is it really a bad choice? These days so many companies are electing to make promotional novelties and custom trinkets an integral part of their marketing campaigns – they seem to think it’s worthwhile, that’s for sure!

Generate and retain interest for your brand

Anyone can create a custom printed item, but what makes some products forgettable and others easy to remember? One contribution to being remembered could be the interaction we have with the item in question! It makes sense that something we simply pass by is more easily forgotten than something we spend time interacting with. This makes personalized novelty items a surprisingly powerful tool when it comes to raising brand awareness. Something fun that we pick up and play with, something unique or unusual, even something that causes 10 minutes of laughter in the office is a great promotional tool and could explain why novelty items are so popular when it comes to marketing choices in Canada.

Great for promotional giveaways and events!

Standing out from the crowd is important, and one great way to achieve this is by using novelty promo items! At any event you are unlikely to be the only stall there, and potential customers can quickly become oversaturated by being offered the same promotional items over… and over… again. By imprinting your custom message onto something that is not only inexpensive, but also fun – you can offer something a little bit different from that run-of-the-mill grab bag everyone else seems to have brought with them. Offer something different – if nothing else, it’s a great talking point and conversation starter for the public!

Choose something different as a ‘thank you’ gift

Sure, that corporate mug is nice – but what about something a little more unique when it comes to thanking those important to us? Personalized novelty items don’t have to be promotional quality only – there are many that could also serve as excellent corporate gifts. Imprinted board games are an excellent example of this! Combining classic gaming elements with great quality products, these types of gifts are a great choice for anyone looking to create something fun yet elegant that not only says ‘thank you’ but ‘hey, thanks for working so hard – now go have some fun!’ From custom trinkets to elegant gift sets, the scope for using novelty items really is only limited by your imagination!

Let’s create your personalized novelty items together!

Choosing a promotional company for your custom printed items can be almost as tricky as deciding what product you want to use in the first place – but it doesn’t have to be! At Dynamic Gift we are based in Canada for easy contacting and availability, and we offer fast quote and shipping times to speed things up even more! We offer friendly, experienced staff to help guide you in the right direction and an in-house art service to get that project rolling. So, if you are considering choosing promotional novelties for your next event simply contact us today to get started!