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Keeping up with the times and staying current can be a huge challenge for any company. With products that were branded ‘cool and useful’ only a few months ago by customers now lying abandoned in favour of something else, selecting a modern but lasting promo tool can be tricky and expensive. This is why we offer our promotional stylus options - because the phone may change, the tablet may be replaced, but the accessories we need to use them are likely to remain the same.

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A great promo item

Not sure if you are ready to make custom logo styluses your promotional product choice? Well unless what you are promoting is ‘down with styluses’, custom logo styluses are a great giveaway for events and here are the reasons why:

Small and portable – because your potential customer won’t thank you for giving them something that will weigh them down for the day and offering large and bulky items may even deter them from your stall because they don’t want to get stuck with your product!

Low cost – This means you can get more for your money and spread your message further at less cost to you and without the expense that can often come with large scale advertising.

Appealing to the crowds – with almost everyone owning technology that could benefit from a personalized stylus, these branded products are a fantastically useful. Get the public interested and draw them in with a desirable promotional product by choosing custom printed styluses or accessories today.

Keep warm!

Canada is a great place to live, but it certainly can get cold and when it does our need for technology sadly doesn’t migrate for the winter. We still need to communicate on the move and clothing like gloves can leave us unable to do so. However, you don’t have to say goodbye to your fingers just yet! By purchasing our custom printed styluses, you are helping those winter gloves stay on just like they need to be, without slowing down your day - making these a great hit with customers!

Keep it clean!

Whether we prefer this brand of phone or that make of tablet, one thing we can all agree on is nothing looks good when it’s dirty. That’s why we offer accessories to help keep that tech looking smart, something everyone can appreciate.

So if you are looking to choose from our screen holders to help keep that phone out of someone's lunch time ketchup, or even our screen cleaners themselves, choosing a product that boosts visual appeal to any base item as well as performing an important role is a smart advertising move.

Keeping current!

While traditional promo items certainly have their value, creating something unique and more modern can certainly help appeal to a world now so immersed in technology. Simply put, you don’t have to own a phone store to benefit from custom styluses. Place these at your counter to offer something useful that can benefit a wide audience range.

Or how about giving them to your staff to provide a useful tool that could help them work more efficiently and reduce workplace frustrations. Whatever you choose, whatever your need, by selecting a product that all but screams 21st century you are showing those who matter that you are in tune with both the times and their needs.

Out on display!

When looking to further your brand awareness and increase your advertising range, getting seen is what really matters. Custom printed styluses are a great choice as they are likely to be wherever their owner is using their phone or tablet, which is almost everywhere! Having a unique, imprinted gadget is also a great talking point and in the awkward silences with someone you don’t actually know, what better way to make non-threatening and light conversation than ‘hey I like your stylus, what company is that on there?’

Finally, the benefits of choosing us!

Not only do we offer great quality products, with our huge range of styles and colour choices, getting a product that is unique, affordable and easy. We offer fast quotes, fast shipping and our artwork service is included, meaning no extra sneaky hidden charges. So, if you are looking for promotional styluses why not contact our friendly, dedicated team who are based in Canada today and get started on creating a product to suit you!

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