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Technology is no longer just for the ‘big’ tasks. Long gone are the days of tech that took up huge amounts of space and could only perform a few set roles. Now, with an ever-increasing amount of people owning smaller, more adaptable electronics, our world is getting more streamlined and efficient. Yet having the technology is not always enough to turn it into ‘something better’. Having the right accessories can make or break an electronic items usefulness to its owner, and this makes custom stylus pens a sought-after item as well as a powerful advertising tool.

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  1. An angled LCD e-Writing & Drawing Tablet with an 8.5" screen and a message written on the screen and a stylus resting on top of the tablet
    LCD e-Writing & Drawing Tablet (8.5")
    Priced from $23.27 to $29.32
  2. five banner pens with stylus in a row partially hidden by an open banner with another banner pen slightly to the right above an example of use
    Rada Banner Pen with Stylus
    Priced from $1.09 to $1.76
  3. six different coloured banner pens partially covered by open banner
    Erixson Banner Pen with Stylus
    Priced from $1.59 to $2.35
  4. six different coloured banner pens partially hidden behind a pulled out banner
    Cruz Banner Pen with Stylus
    Priced from $1.49 to $2.35
  5. three images of royal blue with white logo smart phone wallet one showing example of use and with a royal blue stylus beside it
    Samara Wallet With Stylus Stand
    Priced from $2.00 to $3.12
  6. silver and black ballpoint pen with stylus and silver logo
    Geneva Ballpoint Pen & Stylus
    Priced from $5.73 to $7.22
  7. black 4-in-1 pen with white logo
    4-in-1 Laser Light Stylus Pen
    Priced from $9.85 to $12.42
  8. black ballpoint pen and stylus combination with white logo
    Tech II Ballpoint Pen & Stylus
    Priced from $4.40 to $5.55
  9. black ballpoint pen and stylus combination with white and lime green logo
    Cross Tech II Ballpoint Pen & Stylus
    Priced from $43.78 to $55.17
  10. black and silver stylus and pen combination with silver logo
    elleven Dual Ballpoint Pen & Stylus
    Priced from $8.22 to $10.35
  11. silver and blue ballpoint pen and stylus combination with white logo
    Luxe Vincenzo Ballpoint Pen & Stylus
    Priced from $4.40 to $5.55
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The constant companion to our most used tech

Technology is shrinking even as it grows more powerful, and there are few better examples of this than the phone. Once a stationary item used for one task, it has become a palm sized, personal rectangle that can take us to almost any information available in the world and perform almost unlimited tasks.

With that in mind, creating a cover for our beloved items sounds like a great advertising method doesn’t it? Yet with such a wide variety of phone sizes and styles this rapidly becomes a headache. In addition to this, customers are surprisingly choosy about what they put on their phone as this is something like hanging artwork and very subject to personal taste. This means with the expense and diversity, as well as the high chance for rejection, phone covers are a chancy venture.

But what about the products we use with our phones such as styluses? Promotional styluses are an item that would be used potentially with every touch of a prized phone, work with any phone and still have a great advertising space - not to mention low cost for investment, making them an advertiser’s dream.

Easy to carry

Whatever message you are trying to get out into the world, choosing the right medium is key! Promotional stylus pens are easy to carry, meaning they are unlikely to get left at home when going on even the shortest trips, easy to take on public transport and into the office – taking your message with it! Handing out products branded with a logo that is eye catching and visually appealing – what could be better for your business?

Keeping your phone clean!

Phones and tablets can be expensive and the last thing we want to do is make them look cheap. Smears, smudges and finger oils can rapidly transform a sleek item into something that looks like it has seen better days. Any promo item that is going to increase the visual appeal and cleanliness of your target audiences’ treasured possessions is likely to be a great hit – promotional stylus pens do that and more!

Great inexpensive promo item

As much as it’s every company’s dream, infinite or even large promo budgets are not available to them. With even modest purchases on a repeat basis rapidly eating up finances, few companies could not benefit from a low investment, large quantity purchase that will spread their brand message in an economical yet long lasting way. This makes bulk stylus pens a great choice for giveaways, promo events and more and with our durable products likely to remain around with their new owner for years to come you can rest easy knowing you have great value for your budget.

Stylus – the small item that gets noticed

Small doesn’t have to mean humble! Custom stylus pens from Dynamic Gift Canada come in a range of colours and styles to help your product stand out, become elegant, whatever you need and that’s before you even place your own custom logo on it. Highly mobile and so more likely to draw the eye wherever it’s being used, styluses are the modern descendant of the promotional pen, a hugely popular advertising tool that has remained in use for decades.

A better, more accurate you

Technology may be shrinking but our hands are staying the same (hopefully). This can lead to all sorts of errors while trying to text/ write / email / you name it. While we can’t thin down our fingers, we can choose a tool to make our tasks easier and promotional stylus pens do just that. Help reduce those errors for yourself, your customers and your staff and add the final touch to that handy, yet slightly un ergonomic device in use with these easy to use tools from Dynamic Gift Canada today.

Get advertising in ‘style’

So whether you are looking for promotional pens with light and stylus, a more traditional stylus product, or even a custom printed stylus pen that you don’t see listed – simply contact our company today to get good quality products from a friendly, professional team who won’t leave you feeling blurry!