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Get Custom Charging Cables with Your Logo Using Our Free Artwork Services

Everyone loves their electronic devices – until they start to run out of power. That low battery sign is the modern-day symbol for despair and chaos in our day to day lives, threatening to take away everything from the internet to our transportation apps. We need power! So, with that in mind, why not get ahead in marketing campaigns as well as help solve a customer need by creating an item that helps take away this worry with our custom USB cables from Dynamic Gift Canada?

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Why are branded charge cables so popular?

There’s little room to doubt that custom charging cables are a popular choice for everything from marketing promotions to resale items, but why?

Let’s start with the difficulty of finding something that’s ‘tech based’ and at the same time is useful to a wide audience. With such diversity in products like cell phones, creating items like custom phone cases or even phone holders can mean you have a finished item that looks amazing... but doesn’t work for a large number of customers.

This means charge cables that can fit a huge range of phones are a great option when looking for a tech-based item to bulk buy! Anything that can cover more uses will be used more and that’s likely why branded USB chargers are a popular hit with customers and advertising companies alike.

Custom charging cables – To sell as a tie-in or to sell on their own?

Here’s why either option is awesome for your business. Custom USB cables are a sought after and coveted item, so you don’t have to run a phone store to make use of these handy, custom printed products. Small and easy to display at the front of your store as a quick buy or as a tie in product to upsell, these accessible items are a great choice for retail stores of any size and with the range of eye catching colours and sizes we offer, creating a vibrant display to catch the public's attention is easy to do.

The importance of smart branding

Just as putting your item on any old product isn’t great advertising, placing your slogan on the wrong type of product is bad too. When choosing a promotional product, gift or resale item it helps you, the purchaser, if you take the time to think about…

How will this benefit me?

How will this benefit my target audience?

No one wants to spend time and money creating a custom printed product that gets a poor reception, lack of interest or left on the shelf. Branded USB chargers are often a safe choice, because they pair up with a product that is already treasured by the public- their phones.

Being safe doesn’t have to mean being boring, at least when you work with the team at Dynamic Gift Canada! We carry a wide variety of styles and colours for you to create something as stylish or subtle as you like and that’s before we even get started on imprinting the item with your own logo. Get creative with us today and let’s make your own unique item that is both useful and visually appealing.

Charging your way through to success

Not only do we offer competitively low-priced products, even on the latest item releases, we also offer fast quote and shipping times too! Our friendly, highly experienced staff are based in Canada – meaning a better match for communicating during regular business hours and a more efficient service for you. So, if you are interested in charging up your sales or marketing campaign, or looking for that elusive retail product to put in your store, why not contact us today and find out just how easy great branding really can be?

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