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We have a massive range of promo products, custom branded with your logo. All of our promo items are designed to accept your branding in multiple colours and decoration methods. Your company deserves the best, so you should order from the best! We offer a 100% FREE mockup service so you can preview your items before ordering, along with various rush options and Canada's most competitive prices. Being an effective marketer is easy; all you need is the right promo items in your toolkit! Browse our selection below and contact us today for a quick quote!

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Promo Products Boost Trust & Company Image

Tangible products branded with the company’s logo and name are the best way to spread the word—hand out some of these giveaways to increase brand awareness and boost sales. Below are several ways your company will benefit from promo giveaways.

Launching New Services and Products

With so many new products and services being offered each day, it’s more important than ever to make launches memorable. We’ll help you choose the right promo products to demonstrate your product’s benefits or highlight its best features; visit us today to find out about our 100% free design service.

Establishing an Employee Incentive Program

Salespeople love their commissions, but recognition is what they truly crave. Plaques and trophies will only gather dust on a shelf somewhere, and they’re not very useful. Today, it’s easy for companies of all sizes to offer top salespeople everything from engraved corporate gifts to custom printed lanyards. These incentive programs pay for themselves (and then some) in terms of increased productivity and sales, so call today to start an awards program that’s suited to your goals and corporate culture.

Opening New Accounts

Numerous studies show that offering promo items with marketing brochures is an effective way to make a solid impression on potential clients. Business owners like you work very hard to get even a few minutes of a prospect’s time, and our wholesale gifts will help you leave an enduring impact that leads to higher conversions and productive follow-ups.

Revitalizing Sales Meetings

The goal of a sales meeting is to motivate and educate the sales force. But, how will you reinforce the message during and after those meetings? Incentive programs involving promo items are a creative, inexpensive way to encourage salespeople. These corporate gifts range from simple lanyards to notebooks with custom branding; call us today for help picking out the right giveaways for your program.

Use Trade Show Giveaways to Drive Traffic

Trade shows are the perfect venue to make a significant impact. However, it’s important not to wait until the last minute to decide what type of promo products to give away. With our help, you will find creative, innovative items that will help your company stand out from the crowd without breaking the bank.

Increasing High Margin Product Sales

Do your salespeople always sell more of your low-margin services and products than those with higher margins? If your sales are off balance, call us for help creating an incentive or company award program with a focus on under-represented or high-margin products.

Reactivating Dormant Accounts

If you’ve lost a few customers because of simple indifference, promo products are a great way to regain contact and start the customer relationship over again. For instance, if you send these prospects a letter inviting them to the store to pick up a gift card, you’ll get an opportunity to show them your newest items. With promo items and dedicated follow-up, you’ll win back some inactive customers.

Product and Company Name Changes

Change is confusing and even traumatic for some customers, but our promo products will provide reassurance that, while the name of the company or its products may change, your commitment to customer service and satisfaction remains the same. Promo giveaways will help you spread the word about your new product or service’s benefits.

For instance, if your company discontinues sales of certain brands in favor of other, better brands, you may be concerned that some of your customers will react adversely to the switch. Call us or visit our website to learn how we can send eye-catching, custom branded promo products to your target audience.

Starting and Promoting Employee Safety Initiatives

When Canada’s companies have high injury and accident rates, their insurance premiums will undoubtedly soar. Not only that, increased inefficiency, lost productivity, lawyers’ fees, equipment replacement and repair expenses, and other factors make the cost of risky behavior astronomical. However, with a well-crafted safety initiative, you can reduce costs and raise productivity in the office.

Promo products used as corporate gifts or incentives are a key motivator in helping to change employees’ dangerous behaviors. The savings are often quite impressive; call us today to learn how to lower your indirect and direct accident-related cost with promo items.

Creating Distributor Preference

If your company relies on third-party distributors or dealers to market your products, it’s important to create a tactile brand preference at a certain level. Our promo giveaways may help you persuade your vendors to pitch your products rather than those of your competitors. Our corporate giveaway and design experts will help you build a full-fledged dealer loyalty program.

Improving Customer Relations

Building loyalty among customers is important for two reasons. First, satisfied customers are a great source of top-quality referrals, and second, your competition is always targeting your loyal buyers. Why do most companies lose their customers? Contrary to popular belief, it’s not all about pricing; it’s not really about the quality of services or products, either. Almost 70% of departing customers cite perceived indifference as the reason they’re moving to another company. You shouldn’t think that providing quality services and products at competitive prices is enough to keep customers, because it isn’t.

With the right mix of promo products, you will eliminate perceived indifference and foster goodwill among customers and clients. It’s particularly important to address the 20% of customers who bring in 80% of business, because they are the ones your business cannot live without. Here, promo product campaigns are best thought of as a form of customer insurance.

Better Employee Relations

Whether you have a few or a few thousand, your workers are one of your company’s most valuable assets. Promo items will help build corporate morale and a solid team identity by making it easier to recognize employees’ achievements such as:

  • Years in service
  • Employee of the week or month
  • Personal occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays
  • Holidays like Christmas

Call us today to find out how we can help you make any occasion more special for your employees.

Promoting Casual Fridays

Just because it’s “Casual Friday” doesn’t mean that employees should show up in anything less than the best! We will help you promote your company with top-quality custom branded caps, shirts, jackets, lanyards, and other items. These are a comfortable, effective, and aesthetically pleasing way to display your company’s logo to vendors, customers, and visitors. Visit us online to start the design process, and see a virtual preview of your product before you commit to buy!

Commemorating Important Milestones

With our promo items, you won’t let another opportunity for exposure and publicity pass you by. Commemorate, promote, and celebrate events such as:

  • Corporate anniversaries
  • The millionth order shipped
  • 10,000 man-hours without an accident
  • Being named to the Fortune 500

If your company has a landmark event, we’d love to help you promote it.

Building an Institutional Image

If your company is actively involved in the community, it’s more than simple good citizenship; it’s a good business practice. By promoting good causes and sponsoring charity events, you give yourself the opportunity to generate positive publicity and practice good public relations. Companies are always looking for sponsorship materials, and donating custom branded items is a simple, effective way to spread the company’s name to volunteers. Some items may help:

  • Encourage safe behaviors
  • Discourage alcohol and drug use
  • Tell the public about important causes and subjects

Coming Back After a Lapse in Service

Despite your best efforts, customer service lapses may occur, and our promo items are a great way to resolve those shortcomings. Giving a customer a bonus gift will help you make amends, build bridges, and reassure them that they’re still a valued member of the team.

Keeping the Company On Customers’ Minds

We’ve all heard the saying “out of sight, out of mind”, but it’s particularly true where customer relations are concerned. Even if your buyers only see you once or twice a year, it’s crucial to keep the company’s name foremost in their minds. We have dozens of items upon which we can print your logo, and you’ll always be able to find creative new ways to remind customers of your products and services. With our promo gear, you’re sure to get more referrals and repeat business.

In Closing

All sales plans should include some sort of promo product. When combined with effective marketing strategies, giveaway items will add value to all campaigns and create more memorable experiences for customers. While online marketing is the wave of the future, you shouldn’t discount the importance of unorthodox marketing strategies such as promos.

Creative, thoughtful, and useful free gifts make customers happy and give them a favorable impression of the advertised brand and product. With the number of items that can be printed with your logo, we can help you find innovative new ways to tell your customers about your products and encourage them to come back for more. Call us to place an order or for more information on our free design services in Canada.

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