Promotional Pocket Knives Branded with Your Company Logo

These utility knives make brilliant staff or client gift with your logo engraved or printed right onto the item. Browse our range below and request a quote to your right, our team will prepare a rapid quote and a free virtual mock up of your items for approval.

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  1. Swiss Force Rescue Multi Tool
    Swiss Force Rescue Multi Tool
    Priced from $22.95 to $26.80
  2. Swiss Force Meister Utility Knife
    Swiss Force Meister Utility Knife
    Priced from $10.99 to $13.25
  3. Quick-Cut Carton Cutter
    Quick-Cut Carton Cutter
    Priced from $2.07 to $2.32
  4. Swiss Force Pocket Knife
    Swiss Force Pocket Knife
    Priced from $21.96 to $25.64
  5. Rustic Wood Handle Knife
    Rustic Wood Handle Knife
    Priced from $20.49 to $23.49
  6. Protec Rescue Knife
    Protec Rescue Knife
    Priced from $18.99 to $21.79
  7. Rapid Response Emergency Tool
    Rapid Response Emergency Tool
    Priced from $9.48 to $10.48
  8. EDC Pocket Knife
    EDC Pocket Knife
    Priced from $14.49 to $19.89
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Promotional pocket knives & multi tools

Every person needs a pocket knife, Why not give one to your clients as a 'thank you' gift?

Although some don’t realize the truth of this statement until given one. Furthermore, employees deserve recognition for their hard work and the effort they put into a company. Why not provide staff members with a custom pocket knife to reward them while providing them with an item that provides value to them? What are the benefits of owning a pocket knife and why is this such a great gift?

A Cutting Tool

Pocket knives cut through a wide variety of items easily, including rope, food and boxes. The knife breaks through a zip cord with little difficulty when sharpened, opens a letter and removes a tag or loose thread from clothing. The list of things that can be cut with a knife of this type remains endless making a pocket knife a useful tool for any person, as everyone must cut something at one time or another.

A Miniature Tool Box

Pocket knives may be used in a variety of ways. Some knives come with multiple features, such as a screwdriver, corkscrew and bottle opener. Others are a simple knife, but even they can be of benefit when a tool is needed. The blade functions as a screwdriver, awl or nail removal when a driver discovers they have picked one up in their tire.

A Survival Tool

Although the hope is that a person never needs a knife in a survival situation, one never knows what the future holds. In the event of a car accident that leaves the motorist in the woods, the knife helps to cut back branches and weeds that are obstructing a path to the road, if they are of reasonable size. Furthermore, it rips through an air bag that is blocking the person from exiting the vehicle or slices through a seat belt to release someone who is injured. Many people don’t associate a pocket knife with these tasks, but will be glad to have the item in a crisis.

First Aid

While an unsterilized knife should never be used on an open wound, it becomes of great help in cutting clothing to use as bandages, to remove splinters embedded in the skin or to slice small branches to make a splint. Time is often of the essence in situations such as this, and the person will be glad to have the knife when a person needs first aid quickly.

A wide range of pocket knives is offered; thus, every company can find one that they feel will be of most value to their employees. The knife may then be customized with the company name, logo or other information, depending on the needs of the business providing the knives. However, those who recognize the value of owning a knife notice the brand and those who don’t often ask about the knife and subsequently learn more about how this tool can be of help. The company that provided the knives benefits in both situations, as the business is promoted in a positive light.