Custom logo tool gift sets being used in local Canadian trade workspaces. One set is being carried by a construction worker on the job. The next shows tools neatly hung up on display in a workshop. The last shows a young woman using a drill to finish her home renovation.

Company Branded Tool Gift Sets Add a Personal Touch to Your Next Promotion

Creating something custom printed is great, but something that is useful is even better! With promotional tool gift sets this is easy to do and adding your important brand or information to these products is easy to do. With so many people often not having the tool they need for the task at hand, help make sure your business is the one that is there to save the day with these amazing custom tool sets.

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Great for reward and incentive programs

Promotional tool gift sets are a fantastic option for anyone looking to create customer loyalty rewards or staff incentive programs. Creating something useful gives you a good chance of creating something that people want and need, the perfect base for incentive campaigns. With many of these coming as multi tool gift box sets, they already come in a stylish presentation case – making gifting and distribution easy to do as well as helping to add appeal and value in the eyes of the receiver! Encourage people to participate in what is important to you by creating something sought after, like these personalized tool gift sets.

Give a gift that will be used, and remembered long after the holidays

Everyone’s experienced that gift we... don’t quite know what to do with. The chances are they end up forgotten in a drawer or thrown away and this is the last thing we want to happen with any product we have gone to the trouble of having custom printed! Branded tool gift sets are highly useful, they have a purpose in our homes and even maybe in our workspaces! From minor repairs to getting something that has been bothering you aligned, custom tool sets are unlikely to be thrown away and forgotten – they are simply too useful! With frequent use comes more opportunities for your imprinted message to be noticed and remembered, helping remind its owner of just where they got their handy item in the first place. With custom tool sets having such a long lifespan this means your important information could remain in use and be refreshed in people's minds for years to come.

Get your brand associated with saving the day!

‘Oh, this drawer has finally fallen out, that’s just great…’ From poor maintenance to bad luck, few things in our homes hold together forever over time. Imprinted tools, or personalized tool sets are a useful addition to any home, allowing people to quickly fix things with the right tool. This is a great way of not only reminding people of your slogan, but also getting your brand linked to saving people stress and even the expense of having to call someone or go out and buy their own tools! With all this in mind, it’s no wonder promotional tool gift sets are so popular!

Work with us to get the promotional tools you need

Just like with any DIY project, the best planning in the world might not be enough if you aren’t prepared with the right tools – and it’s the same when it comes to creating imprinted promotional items. Choosing the right company to work with is essential. We are based in Canada, giving you a better chance of our business hours matching up with your own and saving stress on long response times due to wide time zone distances. We have friendly staff who are experienced in getting promotional items off people’s wish lists and into reality and we also offer an in-house art service. So, whether you are looking for branded tool gift sets, custom printed multi tool gift boxes or something you just haven’t seen yet – contact us today and let’s get started on that next big thing!