Three pictures of tape measures being used to make improvements to a local Ontario home, and also complete household DIY projects.

Custom Tape Measures at the Most Competitive Prices in Canada

Long lasting, durable and efficient – tape measures may not be the most glamourous of items but they are a handy tool that everyone needs and are a great choice to place your company logo on! No one wants to guess what the size of something is, D.I.Y is difficult enough without being unable to measure, so get your brand linked to convenience and precision with this easy, low cost purchase!

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A great investment for hardware stores

Our promo tape measures are a perfect item either as a giveaway for large orders, or to sell at the counter as people are hurrying to buy other important purchases. They might not remember where they bought that tin of paint or set of drill bits from but with a branded measuring tape you can rest easy knowing that your brand message has followed them home to remind its owner about your company or services!

Perfect for general stores and supermarkets

With plastic single use bags becoming obsolete, businesses are looking everywhere for other advertisement alternatives. Even if your store carries its own brand of dry goods or glue there is no guarantee your customer will choose this item over an outside brand you carry – so getting your logo onto a long term, practical item that costs little is key! A promo tape measure is a fantastic choice because they are small enough to easily fit in a pocket, they have a good size area for advertising despite the modest size – and best of all – with such a universal product the customer is unlikely to say “no thanks I have no use for that!”

A great giveaway for tradespeople!

Branded measuring tapes are an ideal handout for tradespeople! Business cards can all too often become damaged or lost, and phone numbers forgotten or misplaced, but a custom printed tape measure can last for years. Before they have called anyone they are likely to haul out the tape measure to size up their new project and your logo will be there, reminding them of the last time you helped! Get your name out there and ahead of the competition by placing your business info on this important item that goes hand-in-hand with any renovation project from the very moment the idea is born!

Perfect for apprenticeship courses

It’s no secret that most students struggle to stretch their budget enough to afford all the essentials. By giving these branded measuring tapes to apprentice classes, you are increasing the likelihood that your brand will be seen by countless amounts of people as they travel from learning sites, to homes, and back to class. In addition, you are also getting your company linked with positive learning and furthering education! But it doesn’t end there, when those students are apprentices no more, they will likely still have your promo tape measure and remember your company each time it’s used!

Not just your humble tape measure

At Dynamic Gift we also carry multi-purpose tape measure kits to help save your clients from trying to hold everything at once, then dropping the flashlight, pen, hammer, and finally stubbing their toe while trying to size up that new shelf space! From our WorkMate locking item that covers up to 16ft, to our 3-in-1 tape measure with a level, pad and even a pen all-in-one, whatever your needs – big or small – we have it right here!

No need to measure out the cost!

Dynamic Gift Canada not only offers low pricing and varied minimum order quantities – we also offer a wholesale discount to resellers, making our products more affordable than ever! Get in touch with us today to get your brand printed on the product of your choice, and say goodbye to budget restrictions and limited advertising for good!