Three pictures of custom branded multi tools being used to complete important construction and outdoor home improvement projects in Canada.

Custom Printed Multi-Tools are Practical Promo Products People Will Use!

Get your name onto something that is practical and useful by choosing promotional multi tools! These tools can be easily branded with your custom message, instantly creating a personalized item that will be appreciated in the home, the workspace or even on the road. You don’t have to be linked to garages or renovation to reap the benefit from these great products. Custom multi tools are so useful that they are a great way to advertise and a staple of many promotional campaigns, so get creating yours today!

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Personalized multi tools – the product that keeps on giving

Creating something useful is definitely a great way to help make sure the item your imprinted message gets a good chance to stay in use, rather than lie gathering dust somewhere forgotten. The more tasks your item can help with gives even more chances to be used and noticed, and that’s where custom multi tools can really shine. Anything that can fulfill so many needs in the home, the office or wherever it’s needed is something more likely to be popular and this helps keep your brand in focus and stay remembered, the goal of almost every promotional campaign.

Great for incentives, rewards and gifts

The idea behind any gift or incentive is to give someone something they would like or want and sometimes that can be difficult to judge. You might love those ceramic gnomes with their cute little neon hats... but would your target audience? Personal taste is well, personal! This makes choosing incentives and gifts can quickly give even the most seasoned pros a headache. The good news is, that promotional multi tools like multi tool keyrings are a great option. Useful for a wide demographic and essential to our lives, by choosing these as your custom printed item you are instantly creating something that people will look at and think “Hey I could use one of those!” And adding your name to it is the finishing touch that just makes it even better!

Be there in the moment, and get your name linked to providing the solution

Whether we run a repair service or not, most of us would like our business to be linked to saving the day, even if it’s on a more modest level. This can be achieved with keychain multi tools and more! It might be out of business hours when that shelf falls down, or something your company doesn’t deal with – but the promotional multi tool that you created is still working hard for your business. Getting linked to providing the solution to people’s problems is a great way to create more positive brand awareness, a better reputation and more! This could help explain why multitool keychains and similar items are so very popular for adding personal information to in Canada.

Like the multitool, we have lots we can help you with!

Ok we might not be able to come and help you hang that plate rack, but when it comes to custom printed goods, we are the professionals you want to call. Whether you are looking for custom multi tools like multi tool keychains, or something else entirely we can help you! We are based in Canada, reducing those frustrating time zone waits between responses from offshore businesses. We have highly experienced staff to help get your project off that work board and into reality and we even have an in-house art service! We don’t want to toot our own horn, but we are the personalized multi tool of promotional needs so why not give us a call or get in touch today to find out more or let us know about your next big event!