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Get Branded PVC Key Tags & Promotional Keyrings for Your Company

Certain things are universal. Regardless of where a person goes, they normally take the keys to their home or car and possibly other locations. For this reason, anyone benefits from a key chain. Businesses need to keep this in mind and choose custom made key tags as promotional gifts. Every time the key is pulled out for any reason, the brand gets exposure.

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Why Branded Key Tags?

Regular exposure is of great importance, as research consistently shows the more a person is exposed to a brand, the more familiar they become with it. This familiarity then leads them to trust the brand, of great importance today as more and more industries are flooded with competition. Adding value to a person’s life while repeatedly exposing this individual to the brand that provided this value will be of benefit over the long term.

When a person goes on vacation, they often give their house keys to another person to monitor the home, bring in the mail, water the plants and more. If the key tag they use to hold this spare key has a business name and logo on it, the person watching the home will see it repeatedly. As a result, they may choose to learn more about the business and what it has to offer.

Others lend a car to a family member or friend and place the key on a spare key tag when doing so. As with the house key that is shared with another person, the key tag offers a promotional opportunity for the business that may otherwise be overlooked. These are only two of the many ways in which a brand may extend their promotional reach using branded key tags in Canada, and there are numerous others.

Choosing the Right Style

When purchasing custom made key tags, a business needs to consider many things. Who will be using the item? A wrist strap lanyard may be the best option for parents, as the lanyard keeps the keys easily accessible while still allowing the hands to remain free. Suppliers and distributors, however, often prefer a phone holder and keychain with a screen cleaner, as this allows them to keep their keys handy and clean their screen while on the go. Make certain the branded key tags meet the needs of the users for the highest return on investment.

Dynamic Gift offers a range of key tags suitable for any business. Whether a simple key fob is desired or the business wishes to provide recipients with a floating wrist key ring, we can be of help. Furthermore, we work with you to find the right design for your organization and offer a free design service to accomplish this goal. Pay us a visit today to see the selection of key tags we offer. If you don’t see something you love, contact us. We custom produce items when needed and can do the same for you. Our goal is to help every customer find the item that best promotes their business in a positive light, whether it be a key tag or another item completely.

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