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Promotional coins are a very old and traditional gift idea for staff, customers or anyone who has helped your organization. Sometimes there are people who assist your business who are not on the payroll and these very well made commemorative coins can be given as a gift to say thanks, or perhaps a customer spends a large amount of money with you each year, why not give them a coin in a perfectly designed gift package. Our team will help you through the entire process, our designers can craft a coin to suit your branding and your intended message and our sales team will write you a lightning fast quote.

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Choose Your Custom Colours

If you would like a custom coin that includes colour, feel free to browse the Pantone+ (Solid Coated) chart for a full range of available colours that we can use for enamel ink fill or screen printing. Please let us know which colour(s) you would like in the notes section of our "Request a Quote" form. Full colour printed coins are created using process CMYK, so Pantone colours are not necessary.

Custom Colours

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Metal Finishes

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What is Recessed Enamel or Soft Enamel Ink Fill?

A brilliantly vibrant effect and one of our most popular branding styles for commemorative coins. We iron stamp your design into the coin and then fill sections of it with Pantone colour-matched enamel ink, this creates a beautiful and extremely long-lasting finish. The main difference between soft enamel and hard enamel is that soft enamel is recessed to give an almost 3D look and feel, where hard enamel has raised ink that gives it a more flat look and feel.

What is Raised Enamel or Hard Enamel Ink Fill?

A beautiful and durable effect, this method is a long-lasting alternative to our other branding styles for custom coins. We iron stamp your design into the coin and then fill sections of it with Pantone colour-matched enamel ink. The main difference between hard enamel and soft enamel is that hard enamel has raised ink that gives it a more flat look and feel, where soft enamel is recessed to give an almost 3D look and feel.

What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing allow us to Pantone colour-match simpler graphics and logos in up to 5 colours. We then preserve the artwork with a smooth, hard epoxy top coating that is designed to keep the challenge coin looking crisp for years! This print method also offers a sharper, more crisp looking result than with full colour digital printing.

With both enamel styles as well as screen printing, we use colours that are matched to the Pantone+ (Solid Coated) "C" colour library.

What is Full Colour Digital Printing?

This method allows for a stunning full colour display of your logo, photo images, or designs with gradient patterns. We can produce brilliant, complex designs that can't be achieved through stamping with ink fill or screen printing. We also preserve the artwork with a smooth, hard epoxy top coating that is designed to keep the commemorative coin looking crisp for years!

What is Iron Stamped Mould & Polish?

This style of customization features an iron stamp moulding of your design followed by polishing and sand blasting the coin to create a contrasting finish that helps bring your logo, message, emblem or shield out of the background metal. Due to the fact these custom coins do not have any ink fill to chip or print to wear off, they remain in pristine condition for much longer. The finished result is quite impressive and can last for decades!

How It Works

Our graphic team is happy to take your logo or vector artwork and turn it into a stunning commemorative coin design, and in some cases we can even trace an image to make it suitable for coin production (vectoring fee may apply).

If you're thinking of submitting your own production-ready artwork, there are a few things to consider when designing custom challenge coins:

  • All ink fill areas should be at least 0.4mm diameter for soft enamel, or 0.5mm for hard enamel
  • All metal colour-separation lines should be at least 0.125mm wide for soft enamel, or 0.25mm for hard enamel
  • We use inks to match the Pantone+ (Solid Coated) "C" colour library, so all CMYK or RGB colours would need to be converted
  • Since enamel coins can only accept solid colours, we can't use gradients or half-tones on the artwork, but if you want to achieve a more photographic style coin then we recommend using a printed method instead
  • As a general rule for moulded and polished style coins (with no enamel or printing), you should follow the same guidelines as soft enamel, but in some cases we can achieve higher levels of detail

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Challenge Coins and Their Use for Your Business

An excellent branding option, Commemorative Coins have long been used by a variety of different businesses. These unique, high-quality coins can create a memorable impression on customers, employees, or sports team members. They have unlimited uses and can be completely customized to meet your needs. We offer a huge number of options, so you can create coins that will be cherished by whoever you give them to.

How are the Challenge Coins Used?

Challenge coins are a type of commemorative coin often given to those who complete a challenge, though they have a military meaning as well. They’re perfect for gifts as well as in recognition of achievements. These coins can also be used to commemorate an elite membership for those who are in a special club or a part of a special type of employment, such as police officers or firefighters.

Past Challenge Coins

Historically, challenge coins have been used frequently in the military. Each branch or special unit had their own unique coin which could be shown to others as a way of proving which unit the person belonged to. They’ve also been used by police officers, firefighters, and those in social clubs to show who is part of the club or job. These coins have been used in numerous ways throughout the years and are still treasured items by those who have them today.

What Organizations Might Use Challenge Coins?

Commemorative coins can be used by just about any type of organization, though they’re frequently used by sports teams as rewards for certain achievements or for those who participate on a team together. They can be used for non-profit and charity organizations to give away to those who donate a certain amount or to those who volunteer a significant amount of time for the organization. Military and government officials may also choose to use commemorative coins in recognition of belonging to a certain group or of achievements.

Options Available Today

Today, you have many different options if you’d like to purchase coins for customers, employees, or anyone else. They can be completely customized to meet your needs. Choose whether you want a design on one or both sides of the coin, the type of metal you want to use, the size of your coin, and the enamel color. You can also create the artwork used on your coins to make sure they’re exactly what you need. No matter why you’re interested in these coins, you can create a coin that’s going to look fantastic and be treasured by the recipient.

Challenge Coins are a fantastic way to recognize achievements, denote who is in a certain group, job or club, or for making a lasting impression on customers. If you’re ready to create the perfect coin, make sure you investigate the options we have available today. We can help you create high-quality, beautiful coins that are perfect for whatever use you have in mind, and we can make sure they’re shipped to you as fast as possible. Contact us today for help designing the perfect challenge coin.

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