Customized Medals, Ideal for Sporting Events & Competitions

Today, medals are perfect for more than just sporting events. Use them for any type of event you might have, in recognition of fantastic employees, at team building events, and more. As the top medal supplier in Canada, we make it easy for you to completely customize the medal so it meets your needs, whatever they might be. Check out all of our options and customizations to create the perfect medallions for your company.

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Custom Medals Canada: Experience our Difference

Custom medals aren’t just for sporting events. They’re perfect for just about any event you might hold. They’re great for giving out to employees and customers as mementos and are going to be far more treasured than business cards or standard promotional items.

They can be given out to winners of different events, everyone who attends your event, or for special occasions during your event. You can choose what they’re used for and how they’re used to maximize how many people get a medal or a coin at your events. You can even create a participation medal to ensure everyone is shown their appreciation just for joining your event.

Recognition for Employees

When you want to recognize the hard work of certain employees, award medals and coins are an excellent option. We offer many different options for you and you can completely customize them to meet your needs so you can recognize any of your employees for the work they do.

They can be handed out for sales goals, improving workplace safety, or any other reason you might think of and you can keep extra on hand to ensure you’re always ready to recognize the actions of your employees. Your employees are sure to treasure their medal or coin and work hard to earn another one.

Rewards for Team Building Events

Competitive team building events are a ton of fun, and who wouldn’t want to win a custom medal during the event? Have a number of custom medallions on hand, customized for your team building event, to give out to the winners during the event. They’re going to love working together to win the medal and these medals can help motivate them to do more together during the event. We can help you customize the medals for your event today.

Choose Every Part of Your Medals

When you’re ready to purchase promotional medals, no matter what you’re planning on using them for, we can help you completely customize them. Once you’ve chosen the base for your medals, you can choose the shape, the design on the front and back, the color, and the style for your medals. You can also customize the ribbon for the medal to add your company’s logo if you’d like and choose how many times your logo prints on the ribbon.

Racing medals, running medals, corporate giveaways, custom award solutions. We handle it all and our art department are only too happy to design the perfect solution for your needs.

Every part of our medals are customizable to ensure you get the medals you want for any occasion. With our customization options, you can create the exact medal you want quickly and easily.

Special Details Lead to Amazing Medals

Your medals don’t need to be just metal. We offer plastic, wood and custom moulded soft PVC options. In case you don’t fancy engraved medals we offer other special options like color etching and vibrant print effects to really make your promotional medals stand out.

This helps to grab the attention of anyone who sees it and include a soft enamel ink covered with clear epoxy resin to ensure the colors last as long as possible. You can also choose from a variety of coatings and finishes to create the perfect look for your medals. With our medals, your possibilities are endless.

Factory Direct Customer Service & Competitive Price

When you order medals, you don’t have to worry about someone feeling left out because you couldn’t order enough for everyone. Our custom medals are available at the lowest wholesale prices and bulk ordering in the amount you need is possible to ensure you have enough medals for everyone. We make sure you can get all of the medals you need.

If you’re ready to host an event, you want to recognize your top employees, or you want to give out something special for any other occasion, our medals and coins are a fantastic option. We make it easy for you to fully customize our medals so you can make sure you have exactly what you need.

We’re the top medal supplier in Canada and we’re ready to help you create as many medals as you might need for any type of upcoming event. Take a look at our medals today to see what you can do.