People using promotional metal products including cufflinks, a metal tie clip and a bottle opener at a wedding in Canada.

Assorted Metal Items Like Belt Buckles, Bottle Openers, Tie Clips & More!

Promotional items don't have to be limited to just pens and key tags, our more obscure metal products include some great gifts like belt buckles, dog tags and tie clips. Our promotional metal items are perfect for giving to the customers you care about most, and with a big range of metal finishes and decoration options you won't be stuck for choice! Couple that with unbeatable price, quality and turnaround time and you have no reason not to enquire for a FREE no-obligation quote and complimentary artwork mock-up.

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When deciding what to choose for your promotional item, sometimes selecting something different is exactly what you need! Getting your logo onto something that is novel yet practical is a great way to draw the eye and get people talking about what matters to you. So, if you are looking for custom metal products – read on to find out how you would benefit from using Dynamic Gift Canada today!

Changing it up!

Promotional pens and stickers are great but mixing it up by choosing a less common product to place your brand on is no bad advertising plan! Standing out and getting remembered is the key to advertising and often you need to get past the filter customers have from constant advertising thrown at them. A great way to do this is not only draw their eye with your custom printed logo, but also the product you have created. Novelty doesn’t mean bad so long as it’s well made and appealing – and our metal promotional items do that with ease.

The benefits of choosing promo items from us

Custom shape design! – As well as offering different size options on certain lines, we can create almost any shape you have in mind, bringing the luxury of bespoke to every day promo items. Simply contact dynamic Gift Canada to let us know what you have in mind and let us help you get started on something that is as unique as you need it to be.

Tons of choice for colour and ink fill – Our metal promotional items come with a huge variety of ink fill options! From enamel, to photo print, screen print and more. If colour isn’t what you are looking for, how about our embossed or debossed options? Or how about choosing our epoxy dome finishes for a product that lasts and lasts.

Over a dozen metal finishes available – With choice ranging from shiny to matte as well as dark to lighter options, getting the base for what you have in mind is easily achievable when you work with us. Start as you mean to continue with your branded item and get the metal finish that best works for you with our wide selection available today.

Great quality finishing – Our metal promotional items may be inexpensive but that doesn’t mean we compromise on quality. With smoother edges that offer less chance of scratching the owner or their property, and high-quality colour finishes that won’t easily chip – we offer a product that will give the best and lasting reflection you deserve.

Why custom creations help you and the owner

Anything that has a purpose is already on its way to being less likely forgotten or thrown away by its owner – but creating something different is a fantastic way to help the owner remember you. They might not be able to see your name on that pen in among its rivals, but a stand-alone product such as cufflinks have a better chance of being noticed. By being the only custom product in use by the recipient you have not only a good chance to remind them of you each time the item gets used, but also for other people to notice it as well – an advertiser’s dream!

Why saying ‘thank you’ matters even in business

Few companies owe their success to only a couple of people and saying thank you to those who have helped make that connection, grow your business or boost your growth – matters. Yet saying ‘thank you’ can be tricky. A poor-quality product, or even something impersonal can leave the receiver thinking ‘wow that’s what they think of my help?’. Custom metal products are a more personal, more lasting way to say thank you – without breaking the bank, making them a great choice for almost any company.

Great resale for your store

No matter what you settle on, creating custom printed products for sale in your store is a great way to self-advertise at the same time as making that sale. With our great quality products and ability to create your own slogan or design, making something that is appealing to your customers is easy and affordable. Yet after the sale, the benefit to your company doesn’t stop there! Taking your imprinted product out into the world, the owner will be displaying your message to the public, helping raise brand awareness for you long after they have left the building.

Working with our team

In addition to offering competitively low pricing, and the ability to create unique, memorable items, our friendly, dedicated team offer fast quotes and shipping times. So whether you are looking for custom bottle openers in Canada and want to leave it to fellow countrymen who know the value of good beer as much as they do good advertising, or any other custom promotional products in Canada – why not contact us today to find out just how easy it is to get started?