Custom Printed Laptop Bags & Branded Laptop Sleeves

Printed laptop sleeves are a great way for companies to add their style and brand to a useful tech accessory. Today’s workforce is highly mobile, and many people work from home, on the bus, or on the train. We have a carefully curated range of printed & promotional laptop sleeves below which are perfect for conveying your message to the corporate sector, as well as information technology and industrial markets these are a great gift for clients, or give them to your staff and get your brand seen on the train, in the office, around the home and throughout your local area. Enquire now for pricing and a free virtual sample!

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  1. Two images of grey laptop brief with brown logo on front
    Savannah Charge Laptop Brief
    Priced from $47.95 to $77.56
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    Kenneth Cole EZ-Scan Laptop Bag
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Branded laptop sleeves for corporate marketing

Because of the increase in mobility, tablets and laptops are a main productivity tool, and there’s been a corresponding increase in workers’ need for protective bags and laptop slips. Here, buyers can learn more about these useful, beneficial tech accessories.

Laptop Sleeves: What Are They?

A laptop sleeve is a popular protective item among computer users. They’re commonly made from rugged neoprene, and they offer simple protection against bumps, knocks, and scratches. A laptop can be carried in a sleeve alone or within a larger bag. In many cases, workers don’t want to lug around a heavy laptop case, and sleeves provide the perfect alternative. Branded laptop slips are a simple, effective way for businesses to put their names out there, and every time they’re used, they work to keep that name on customers’ minds.

Advantages of Custom Printed Laptop Sleeves

Below are just a few reasons to order branded laptop cases from Dynamic Gift.

  • Uniqueness: Customized merchandise is a hot trend, and putting the business’ name on a laptop sleeve can increase brand awareness.
  • Size and fit: Because these wholesale laptop bags are custom manufactured, they can be made for laptops of certain sizes and types.
  • Branding: Whether a customer wants a simple, monochromatic logo or a full-color sleeve, this supplier can help.
  • Quality: Buyers get top-quality laptop cases with a solid warranty.
  • Color: Laptop slips can be made in the buyer’s choice of color combinations.

The Manufacturing Process

At Dynamic Gift, laptop cases are constructed from scratch, which means that each customer gets just what they want. From custom colors to specific sizing, from graphics customization to on-spec printing, everything’s handled for customers in Canada.

Quality Materials

These laptop sleeves are made from tough neoprene, which is a type of synthetic rubber. It’s flexible in a variety of temperatures and it’s able to withstand years of use, which makes a laptop slip an ideal corporate gift for customers in Toronto and Ontario.

All sleeves are made with a fold or zipper closure on the long side. Our larger zippers can stand up to a significant amount of pulling force, which is particularly important for a product that’s opened or closed multiple times per day. From student to professional use, these laptop cases can handle it all. From rugged neoprene and high-quality thread to tough zippers, these products are built to be robust and durable. They’re made on commercial-grade equipment, and a stringent quality control process ensures that all products are of the same great quality.

Enquire Today For More Information

Promotional items are a great way to increase brand recognition, and when it’s a useful item like a laptop case, those efforts go even further. Companies can count on this supplier for top-quality promotional items and corporate gifts of all types. Call today for more details or visit online for ordering information.