Custom Branded Bags for Corporate Needs, Ideal for Your Staff or Clients

Employees are the key ambassadors for a company's brand. People who are happy at their job are proud to tell others they work there and to tout the benefits of the company's products and services. However, there are some employees who are completely happy at work but are too introverted to strike up a conversation about their employer. The best employers give their staff the tools to help them engage with potential customers without actually initiating the conversation. One of the best tools to generate this kind of interaction are corporate bags.

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  1. CamelBak SFO 15" Computer Backpack
    CamelBak SFO 15" Computer Backpack
    Priced from $110.39 to $139.09
  2. A brown 15" cotton canvas compu-bag with dark brown leather style accents and a debossed logo
    Field & Co Cambridge 17" Compu Bag
    Priced from $48.57 to $61.20
  3. brown 30 inch work duffle bag with blue and black logo angled view
    Carhartt Signature 30" Work Duffle Bag
    Priced from $190.63 to $240.20
  4. An angled view of a chestnut leather weekend duffle open to show the contents stored inside
    Cutter & Buck Leather Weekender Duffle
    Priced from $291.57 to $367.38
  5. black deluxe duffle with full colour logo
    Cutter & Buck Tour Deluxe Duffle
    Priced from $111.10 to $139.98
  6. A grey canvas and black vinyl duffle bag with full colour logo
    Kenneth Cole Canvas Duffle Bag
    Priced from $170.22 to $214.48
  7. A black with grey accents messenger bag with blue and white logo
    Excursion Cargo Messenger Bag
    Priced from $15.25 to $19.22
  8. A black royal blue with grey accents briefcase with a grey logo
    Rubble Brief
    Priced from $8.38 to $10.55
  9. An angled view of a navy cotton canvas and vinyl 20" duffle bag that is open at the top to show the contents stored within. The bag also has a debossed logo on the front
    Field & Co. 20" Duffle
    Priced from $39.18 to $49.37
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No shortage of uses for corporate bags

These bags can be used by employees to carry their laptop, files, or anything else. What's important is that they use the bag regularly to help get the company name out there. Many corporations in Toronto give these bags as incentives to their employees for their length of service or even to reward them for a job well done. When they receive the bag this way rather than being told it is a sales tool, they will react naturally when people ask them about the company. Although these bags are great employee incentives, they are also a good choice as an incentive for trade show attendees or even valued customers.

Conference bags at trade shows & events

Conference bags are essential for everyone who attends a trade show. There are so many materials to pick up it's nearly impossible to carry them all without a bag. To make the best impression on their prospects, a company should choose a reasonably high-quality tote bag with the logo and contact information for the company clearly printed on the front. When a company gives its booth visitors a bag they can reuse, they're more likely to remember their experience with the representatives than if they only picked up a novelty item to put in the bag.

Give them away as a gift or incentive

Customers and potential clients can also be brand ambassadors as long as they have enough information about the company to tell others about it. This is where carefully choosing when and where to gift Conference Bags is very important. If they are given to people who don't have any real interest in the company, they are not likely to be used regularly outside of the event. However, if an Ontario conference-goer who has been researching the company and is close to making a purchase receives one, they might be the perfect people to explain the advantages of working with the business to anyone who inquires about their bag. Additionally, this potential customer may come in contact with someone who can help them decide to buy simply because they carry their belongings in a corporate-branded bag.

Talk to us about the multiple options available

Businesses in Canada have a lot of options when it comes to marketing their products and services. Promotional items are a great choice because they can provide value for a long time after they are actually given. Unlike social media advertising that is often forgotten shortly after it's seen due to the incredibly short attention span of people today, promotional items like laptop bags for employees or conference bags for trade show attendees continue to be useful and are great for starting conversations about the company.