Custom Branded Luggage Bags & Travel Bags at Competitive Prices

Bags have been around for centuries. History shows the cavemen used animal skins as bags, folding the skin up and tying it shut to transport items. Bags continue to be used today as they help to simplify life, allowing individuals to carry more at one time. However, bags are much more than just an item used for this purpose. The bag a person carries says a great deal about that individual and what they value. For this reason, companies wishing to promote their business may want to consider branded corporate bags to make the most of their marketing dollars.

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  1. Danville Duffle
    Danville Duffle
    Priced from $110.50 to $125.66
  2.  set of three black packing cubes with orange trim and the largest showing a full colour logo
    BrightTravels Set of 3 Packing Cubes
    Priced from $27.50 to $34.65
  3. Three black packing cubes stacked on one another so the smallest is at the top with the smallest displaying a white logo
    3pc Packing Cubes Set
    Priced from $17.52 to $22.98
  4. Two black packing cubes the one on the left is larger with a white logo beside a smaller blank one
    2pc Packing Cubes Set
    Priced from $8.21 to $10.39
  5. An angled view of black computer backpack slightly unzipped to show silver coloured inside
    Neotec Fusion Compu-Backpack
    Priced from $113.43 to $142.93
  6. black 26 inch wheeled duffle with a white logo and the handle extended
    High Sierra 26" Wheeled Duffle
    Priced from $150.68 to $189.95
  7. black 25 inch rolling duffle with white and red logo and the handle extended
    Urban Passage 25" Rolling Duffle
    Priced from $93.13 to $117.35
  8. black with white accents pull bag
    Ogio Pull Through Bag
    Priced from $143.99 to $229.95
  9. A lifestyle shot of a stealth coloured wheeled rig bag being pulled with the handle extended in front of a red door
    Ogio 9800 Wheeled Rig
    Priced from $369.95 to $389.95
  10. A black 21inch wheeled carry on with white logo
    High Sierra 21" Wheeled Carry-On
    Priced from $220.35 to $277.65
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12 Items

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Why a Bag is the Preferred Choice

Many businesses take part in large events, such as trade shows or conferences. Attendees at these events receive multiple promotional items and may find it hard to carry them all. When they are provided with a corporate travel bag, they can keep these items and still have their hands free to explore the various booths and exhibitions. Their life becomes easier as they aren’t trying to juggle multiple things or find they must bend over repeatedly to pick up items they have dropped. The bag ensures these problems are avoided. As it comes with wheels, it is extremely easy to transport and can be used for a variety of other purposes.

Furthermore, the company providing the corporate bag finds they have more room to brand their business. A pen or calculator offers very little space to provide a message or share information with the recipient of the gift. This isn’t the case when recipients are given a corporate bag. The added room can be used to ensure the person gets the message the company wishes to share, and the larger space also helps to ensure this message is shared with other people who see the bag. They don’t have to move closer or squint to learn what the bag says or get more information about the company.

The Value of Branded Corporate Bags

A corporate bag is an item that is very durable and will hold up for years to come. As a result, the recipient has an item that can use regularly, and the business is promoted every time it is used. Furthermore, the bag can be used for different purposes. One day the recipient may use it to carry their laptop and important business papers. The next day the bag can be filled with clothes and toiletries for a quick weekend getaway. The user will love its versatility and appreciate that it was given to him or her for free.

Dynamic Gift works with clients in Ontario, Toronto and across Canada to help each business find the right promotional item for their needs. Whether a company is looking for branded corporate bags or wishes to supply wireless chargers, wristbands or home and garden items, we can be of help. All products come with a free design service to ensure the product is exactly what our client envisioned, and we can provide some branded products in as little as five days. Contact us today for your free, personalized quote, and we’ll begin creating a product that portrays your business in a favorable light.