Custom printed stretch tension banners at stores and gyms to promote marketing campaigns for businesses in Ontario, Canada.

Custom Printed Stretch Displays & Stretch Banners, The Tradeshow Attention Grabber!

Stretch banners are frequently seen at events, conferences, exhibits and corporate functions. However, they are of great benefits in a variety of other situations. Following are some ways to make use of the banner to bring more attention to a business or organization. Get on board with the hundreds of companies that are taking advantage of this new style of branded advertising beacon!

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What are the most popular uses for these stretch displays?


Every non-profit organization must compete for funds. Although grants and charitable contributions from corporate sponsors provide some of these funds, individuals are often the backbone of the funding. How can an organization attract attention and bring in more of these individual donors? Stretch banners are a great way to draw attention to a cause and alert the public to the organization’s values and mission. The fabric can be changed to show the fundraising goal and how much of this goal has been met, or it is of great benefit in providing new information to those who may not be familiar with the cause. These are only two of the many ways an organization can bring in new donors with the help of a stretch banner, and there are numerous others.

Product Launch

Businesses spend a great deal of time and money on product research and development. Once the perfect item has been created, however, it may fall flat. This often has nothing to do with the product itself. It’s simply a matter of getting the item in front of the target audience in a way that gets noticed. Stretch banners can be of help with this, as they are a great marketing material. The business may choose a two-side print, the banner can be done in full colour and vital information about the new offering might be presented with the help of the banner. Ensure a new product doesn’t get lost in the crowd with the help of this promotional item.

College Fairs

When promoting a business at a school event, such as a college fair, the first step is to get the attention of the potential customer. This can be done with the help of a stretch banner. Once the potential client arrives at the booth, present him or her with something that adds value to their life. By doing so, the business has gained the attention of the consumer and increased the likelihood of him or her visiting their business in the future. As events of this type tend to be very crowded, the banner becomes of great help in drawing attention to the business and allowing it to stand out in the crowd.

Promotional Offers

Companies often use a variety of marketing tactics to draw attention to a promotion, but many overlook the use of a stretch banner to achieve this goal. The stretch banner catches the eye of the consumer and leaves them wanting to learn more about the promotion. This is an easy way to generate additional sales and at very little cost to the company. A stretch banner frame can be reused again and again, with the fabric being changed to fulfill the goals of the event. Consider investing in a stretch banner today. Doing so offers a wide range of benefits. As this marketing material is so versatile, businesses that invest their money in this tool will find it pays for itself again and again.