Media Walls Make Perfect Custom Printed Backdrops for Your Event or Convention

Looking for a big branding at an affordable price? Dynamic Gift Canada has the perfect product for you. We have media walls and printed fabric walls which can be configured in 5 minutes. They are petite enough to fit into a standard car trunk and have an optional staff counter or desk which is designed to deploy in only seconds and doubles as a carry case. We offer a new way to promote your message, by using stretch display items. These displays are ultra sleek and have crisp visuals. Get a personalized quote by calling us today or filling out our simple form, and get a free design preview too! We produce our media walls with proper care and provide delivery all over Canada in record time!

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Why choose media walls for your next promotion?

Media walls are quickly becoming essential for businesses. It’s not an easy task to garner attention at a trade show. With so many companies struggling for advertising space, it becomes very difficult for a business to attract visitors. Media walls, however, help a business to overcome this obstacle. It gets noticed in a crowded field, which increases your brand awareness and exposure. If any business employs this at a trade show, marketing seminar, press event, red carpet or conference, they are bound to get a return on investment. When a logo is seen repeatedly on these walls, it embosses the brand in the mind of a viewer. However, care should be taken to select a wall that conveys the values and virtues of the company. The quality of the media wall also plays a vital role.

There is benefits beyond just branding

It becomes easy for a company to employ a media wall in any location due to its lightweight and portable display. In a matter of minutes, it can be easily set up and taken down. The branded walls can be used again and again, attracting the visitors’ attention at multiple events, you may even find the same person spots you at multiple events and just has to come over and find out what your company is about.

Multiple accessories available

At Dynamic Canada you will find more options for additional accessories. A mounted halogen light is a lighting option currently available, which gives a greater impact of the media wall. A counter display is helpful if you are looking to share promotional items or marketing materials or even have visitors chat with a sales consultant.

Many styles and sizes to choose from

Businesses can choose from multiple styles and wouldn’t limit them to one option that doesn’t meet their requirements. It can be of numerous styles including straight or curved. Moreover, it can be customized based on the company’s stipulation. It can show the brand logo or any other snapshot that represents the business. Different customization options are also available with us.