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Knowing the time is essential for everyone in the business world. It prevents people from being late to meetings and lets them know when they have to be at work every day. Although nearly everyone in Canada has a smartphone, it isn't always convenient to get it out of a pocket or purse just to check the time. A desk clock or a small magnetic clock that isn't distracting like a smartphone is ideal for the office environment. Companies that would rather their employees leave their phones in their desk drawer during work hours might have more productive employees if they gave them Company branded clocks.

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The right time to promote your brand

By recognizing employees for their hard work, companies can foster an environment where morale is high and the staff is happy to do their job. The best companies today have incentive programs that reward employees for their years of service or even for meeting sales goals. While cash incentives are always appreciated, it's easy to forget they were awarded after the money is gone if it wasn't used for a major purchase. On the other hand, when a company makes a small investment in Corporate gifts, they can be sure their employees will always remember where they got the gift and how they earned it.

Client gift or corporate giveaway?

In addition to providing these clocks for employees, companies can also increase their value to the community by giving them away at events. An inexpensive clock with the company logo prominently displayed on it can be a very practical gift for a potential client or to anyone who may have a stake in the success of the company. These promotional products can be used anywhere. Magnetic clocks can be attached to a refrigerator, small alarm clocks can be used while travelling, and other Custom logo clocks can sit on a desk so the person who received it always knows what time it is.

Clocks as an incentive & reminder

Offering promotional clocks as an incentive for customers to open new accounts, purchase particular products, or simply venture into the office to talk to a member of the staff is a great way to connect with clients and potential clients as well as keep the company's brand on their minds. When these customers have a clock on their desk or refrigerator, they look at every day, so there's no way they can forget the company's name when they need the products or services they offer.

A classic, simple brand awareness item

The best promotional products are those that have a practical, everyday use. Even though giving clocks as gifts will cost the company a bit more than items like stress balls or ink pens, the investment is worth it. A promotional clock can be used for years. Small clocks can be carried from one location to another, such as from home to the office, or even on trips where having the exact time is a necessity. Smartphone batteries can be unpredictable, and there isn't always an outlet available to plug in the phone to charge while travelling. However, with a clock on hand, the correct time is always available.

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