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Order Custom Branded Calculators with Your Company Logo

Get your brand right there in potential clients hands. If you need to promote your business to other businesses then there really isn't a better product than our printed promotional calculators. Every business ultimately runs on numbers, so being able to work with them is a virtually universal need. Even while they have access to powerful computers and impressive digital devices of portable kinds, people still turn to the humble calculator to crunch numbers daily.

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Custom printed calculators

That carry a company's logo can produce great returns, as recipients notice the branding in the course of grateful, everyday use. Branded calculators are also surprisingly affordable, particularly given the great value they often provide to their owners. Purpose-built calculators offer a range of real advantages compared to software-based alternatives, too.

Always Ready to Go: Whether in desktop form or occupying a pocket, a calculator will be primed to add, multiply, divide, and do more at any given moment. Instead of needing to fumble through a large, growing desktop menu or application drawer, calculator owners can get right to work, with answers arriving more quickly.

Faster and More Reliable: The individual, physical keys of calculators make for easier, more accurate data entry, especially compared to fumbling with a mouse or a touch screen. Muscle memory quickly builds and makes using a calculator a natural, efficient process that contributes to productivity.

Clarity, Contrast, and Accuracy: Calculators have displays built for one purpose, and that makes a difference. Reading large, bold figures from a high-contrast calculator display is far easier on the eyes than squinting at a mobile phone or searching across a large desktop monitor.

Simplicity and Focus: Calculators are designed for one basic thing, and they do it well. A calculator will never confuse the issue, allowing for productive work to get done more quickly and without distraction.

Promotional Power that Persists for Years

The most effective promotional items are often those that see regular use for a long time to come. Thanks to their many advantages and undoubted basic utility, calculators regularly rank as some of the best choices of all. In addition to being useful for people throughout Canada and beyond, calculators also come in a range of formats that make them especially well suited to particular needs.

Desktop: Designed for permanent positioning and especially comfortable use, a high-quality desktop calculator will often occupy a place of particular honour. With plenty of room for prominent branding, a calculator of this kind can contribute all day long to increased awareness.

Portable and Pocket-Sized: For recipients who regularly travel or work in the field, smaller calculators can be every bit as useful. Whether meant to slide smoothly into a pocket or take up a small spot on a key chain, a compact calculator meant for portability will often see regular use for many years.

Specialized or Multifaceted: Calculators can also provide more than just the ability to crunch numbers. Units with built-in rulers, reference charts, and other features can deliver even more functionality, making them still more likely to be relied upon and noticed.

With an excellent blend of utility, branding potential, and value, calculators often make especially effective promotional items for companies in Toronto Ontario and elsewhere. With so many different options to choose from, finding one to suit a particular goal or type of client will always be easy and rewarding.

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