Office Gadgets & Organizers Custom Branded with Your Logo for Gifts and Giveaways!

Get your logo out of your office and into the workspaces of your customers instead! With so many of us spending the majority of our waking hours at work, adding your brand to custom-branded office gadgets and organizers that can sit on desktops could be a great marketing move! Pass along essential contact details on plastic branded letter openers or simply show off your brand on a versatile promotional organizer case. Whatever you decide on, visit our range of promotional office gadgets now to find the perfect choice for your next campaign!

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Gadgets are not just for geeks

Promotional gadgets are continuously in front of the worker, and he or she will remember the company when they need an item the company provides. For this reason, every business in Canada should consider investing in promotional gadgets to make the most of their marketing dollars.

Which Product to Buy?

Some companies, when purchasing gadgets to give away, choose one that represents their business. For example, a company in Ontario that sells camping supplies may provide a Swiss Army knife as part of a promotion. While this does make sense, the key is to find an item the recipient uses on a regular basis. Therefore, office gadgets are a good choice. They tend to be utilized daily, and this allows the company providing the item to get the maximum exposure at the lowest price.


Calculators are a good example of a desk object that is used frequently. Doing math in one’s head isn’t always easy, especially when there are regular interruptions. When the individual has a calculator on hand, he or she can do mathematical calculations and lose his or her place less frequently, even when someone chooses to enter the workspace and begins talking. Having a brand on this calculator reminds the individual exactly which company is helping to make his or her life easier, and this will be appreciated both now and in the future. A calculator, however, is only one example of a useful desk object that a company may wish to consider investing in.

Technology Devices

Tablets continue to appear in more workplaces in Toronto and across Canada, as they are small, convenient and go wherever the employee goes. A stand to hold this tablet will be enjoyed by all who receive one, as it allows the user to see the tablet clearly without bending his or her head over it all day.

A wireless keyboard is valued for similar reasons. It can be frustrating to type long memos or notes into a tablet for hours, and a keyboard and stand that works with the tablet becomes of great help. These two items should be considered when the time comes to purchase new promotional items.

With several promotional gadgets to choose from, a business can easily find the right item for their customers, suppliers, distributors and more. Buying these branded gadgets wholesale helps to save even more, and Dynamic Gift works with companies every day to ensure the product they select is right in every way. We offer a free design service to assist in this area and provide a fast, personalized quote so you know immediately if the item you have selected is within your budget. Contact us today so we can begin on your order. We can’t wait to see you achieve success with products such as these.