Promotional magnets in use at a classroom during back to school, in a home and at an office to help encourage organization.

Promotional Magnets, Custom Printed at Competitive Canadian Prices

Business cards serve to remind a consumer of a product or service, where it can be purchased, and through whom. They often get lost in the shuffle, however, or stuck in a drawer somewhere only to be forgotten. Custom printed magnets, in contrast, remain highly visible wherever they are placed, thus they offer a better opportunity for a company to draw attention to its offerings. The individual won't have to search for the business card, as the necessary contact information is in full view. This is only one of the many ways in which these items may be of help to a company or organization in Canada.

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Branded fridge magnets keep your brand in prime view

Whilst handing out business cards is a tried and tested way of ensuring that prospective customers always have your contact details when they need them, there are a number of alternative ways to achieve the same aim, some of which can be even more effective in our opinion. Refrigerator magnets, printed with your company name, telephone number and email address, are one of the most popular and because they are always on display, your contact details are instantly available at any time.

Get more for your dollar

All of the products in our magnetic range are available at highly competitive prices and when ordered in bulk they offer companies of all sizes a very cheap and effective solution to their promotional merchandise needs. In some cases, it is possible to save as much as 45% on standard prices if you buy a sufficiently large quantity. Our free artwork service makes these products even more attractive: we can supply proofs for your approval at no additional cost and our professional team are capable of producing high quality designs that will meet all your requirements.

Versatile and highly visible

In addition to sticking to fridge doors, our range of magnetic promotional products can be affixed to filing cabinets, photocopiers and any other metallic surface in the office, ensuring that they are always in a position where they can be seen by the people who wish to reach you. If you are simply trying to raise your public profile, one of our magnetic memo holders branded with your corporate logo and the name of your company could be the ideal solution. Available in a range of attractive colours, they feature heavy duty, spring-loaded hinges and can be screen printed with the design of your choice.

What you need, right when you need it

With lead times as short as 7 days after approval of artwork, we provide a fast and efficient service to companies in all areas of Canada. We are able to offer this service because of our streamlined process and the fact that all of the magnetic items we supply are shipped from within the country. If you would like to find out exactly how long it will take for us to deliver any particular order, emblazoned with a custom design prepared to your specifications, please do not hesitate to call during business hours. You can also email us at any time and we will endeavour to reply without delay. We work hard to ensure that all our customers are able to source the products they need within acceptable timeframes.

Our quality won't be beaten

Although our prices are low, the quality of the personalized merchandise that we supply is not. The items that we sell have been chosen for their durability, functionality and the value for money that they offer. Most companies are keen to keep costs to a minimum when ordering marketing giveaways but we understand that they do not wish to compromise on quality as it can reflect badly on their organization.

Branded magnets function in a variety of locations, thus each recipient can place the magnet where it best meets their needs. For some, this is a filing cabinet in their office, yet others place the magnet on the related device. For example, a magnet may be placed on a copy machine in an office so everyone using the machine knows who to call when it malfunctions. Fridge magnets remain a popular choice, yet they can be used with any metallic surface. This isn't the case with traditional business cards.

The magnet may be customized to meet the needs of the business. Images and contact details tend to be the preferred choice, but a company is only limited by the size of the magnet chosen and their imagination. This allows a company to use the magnet for branding purposes, among other things. Best of all, anyone who enters the space where the magnet is displayed will become aware of the brand and may ask what it has to offer. The free advertising goes far beyond the person the magnet is provided for.

Business cards wear out with time, yet this is never an issue with custom printed magnets. They hold up for years to come if a high-quality product is selected. Furthermore, people appreciate items such as this because they provide value. A business card sits in a Rolodex or desk drawer, but a magnet can be used to prominently display important papers, photos, or an item of the user's choosing.

These are only a few of the benefits associated with magnets of this type. Users find numerous others. Consider purchasing branded magnets for your business today. The return on investment will have you quickly seeing why many are now choosing this alternative.