Promotional photo frames on display give employees a personal touch to their offices during the week in Toronto, Canada.

Company Branded Custom Picture Frames Keep Your Message Close & Memorable

Trying to decide what to use for resale or advertising? Why not choose custom picture frames from Dynamic Gift Canada? Highly customizable and a great way to get your message linked to what really matters to your recipient once they add their own picture, these products come in all types of styles from digital photo frames for a more futuristic look to more traditional wood photo frames for a classical style that never goes out of fashion. Contact us today to get your personalized picture frames and let us help frame your next big campaign!

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Making that workspace a home away from home

Let’s be honest, most workspaces leave something to be desired by way of decoration! No one wants to be sat in an unappealing grey square all day, but you probably aren’t allowed to start unrolling your own carpet and repainting the walls. Custom printed picture frames are a fantastic solution to this 9 to 5 gloom as they are small but highly personal and allow staff to bring a little piece of home with them – without compromising the professional appearance of their workspace! And this is more important than appearance alone. A comfortable space can boost morale and even help improve productivity in the office. We all know that most of us go to work for the money but having that picture of Cookie the Corgi on the desk can give that little extra boost to remind us who we are trying our best for and why.

A fantastic promotional item for the office, or the home!

Having a custom printed product that can be used in different types of environments can vastly improve its popularity and target audience, the only question is – what to choose? Custom picture frames like brushed metal photo frames are portable, small but with a good size space for your imprinted message and best of all, can be used almost anywhere! This makes them a valuable advertising tool for many types of promotional events and helps explain why they are so popular in marketing campaigns.

How promotional picture frames can help your custom message get noticed!

‘That picture is amazing, where was it taken?’ Before you can stop them, the person has picked up your picture frame and is studying it as if there are earthly secrets hidden within your picture that can only be revealed if their face is almost against the glass. It’s common in shared environments, it’s annoying if it’s your frame they are swiping but most importantly, it’s fantastic advertising for the person who imprinted their custom message onto the frame. Few items with advertising will be picked up and studied in the way promotional picture frames are and this helps you be the focus of attention and receive the brand focus you deserve by choosing branded photo frames for your next promotional item.

Work with us, we won’t leave you out of focus!

We might not be able to control what kind of photo ends up in your personalized picture frame, but we can tell you to rest easy that the frame will uphold the image you desire for your business. From our great quality wood picture frames, to our options of metal picture frames and even acrylic, we have the professional quality, materials and finish you need to create an awesome product that will be about for the long haul. If you are looking for acrylic picture frames, bamboo, or something you just haven’t seen on here yet – get in touch to find out more! We offer fast quotes and shipping times and friendly, experienced staff ready to help you get what you need for that next big thing. So why not contact us at Dynamic Gift Canada today, let us help you get started on your next promotional project!