Students and employees in Canada use custom logo stationery in class during back to school and at the office.

Order Your Personalized Stationery Products Custom Branded at Factory Direct Prices

There’s no doubt about it, custom stationery has evolved. Gone are the days when we associated stationery promotional items with boring pens for the office or something you are given that is so uninspiring it ends up thrown away or lost in the bottom of our bag. With such a range of vibrant colours, options and styles branded stationery has surged forward to become an essential for many types of promotion and a staple of advertising campaigns in Canada.

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Why has personalized stationery become so popular?

Printed stationery has definitely taken off in recent years but why is it such a crowd favourite? One reason, strangely, could be our increasing love of social media. With journaling, writing and drawing transforming from something we do at home by ourselves, to something we post pictures of online, the need for photogenic and appealing promotional stationery products has risen! This also means your custom printed item with your logo or message on could potentially be seen across the world which, for the low cost of personalized stationery, makes it a great investment for all sorts of businesses.

Is it worth making bulk personalized stationery for the office?

In short – yes! We all know about those annoying pen thieves when it comes to office stationery printing, but the fact is that they are going to swipe things whether you imprint it or not – so why not make the most of it? Corporate stationery printing gives you a chance to put those light-fingered folks to work and get them advertising for you. A pen taken from the office is no longer a nuisance, but an opportunity to be used and have your information seen by anyone who encounters it. Raise brand awareness and change that irritation into a low investment, high visibility plan of action by creating your own business promotional stationery.

Why is promotional stationery so popular at trade shows?

The chances are if you have been to any kind of expo or event there are people almost tripping over themselves to hand you their information and it’s often on a pen, sticky note set, eraser or some form of stationery, but why? The benefits of almost all bulk personalized stationery is that it’s easy to carry and useful. This gives the person who created it a better chance at staying in use and being circulated – the end game of almost every promotional campaign. This combined with the low investment price of many types of custom stationery means that you can spread your budget further and even create amazing displays to draw the public over, all without the headache of a large price tag. This might help explain just why printed stationery is so popular at events!

Create something for a wider demographic with promotional stationery

It goes without saying that something a teenager might like, probably won’t appeal to someone more mature and vice versa. But if you are trying to reach a wide audience then you need something that covers everyone! Stationery promotional items are a great choice for this. From the time we learn to write we need pens, pencils, erasers, you name it. So, choosing something like custom stationery imprinted with your logo is a great way to target a wider demographic and create something that everyone can really enjoy – helping you get the most from your promotion.

Working with us won’t leave you ‘stationary’

Yes, we know that isn’t the right spelling but don’t worry, on your custom printed items we have you covered. From our in-house art service that can help you with your design to our friendly sales staff that can even help you decide what to put your custom printed message on, we are ready to help. So if you are looking for custom stationery printing in Canada, business promotional stationery or something else completely that you think we might be able to help with, get in touch and let us help you write your way to success.