Promotional Picnic Rugs Blankets with Your Logo

Custom branded picnic blankets make great practical gifts for customers or as promotional giveaways. An ideal option for car dealerships or hiking and camping equipment retailers. Think of how many times you've taken a road trip or ventured in the great outdoors and wished you brought an extra blanket? Make sure that your clients or potential customers remember you and associate your brand with comfort and relief with this great gift!

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  1. Micro Coral Plush Blanket
    Micro Coral Plush Blanket
    Priced from $32.08 to $40.43
  2. Game Day Stadium Blanket
    Game Day Stadium Blanket
    Priced from $27.07 to $34.10
  3. A navy hemmed 50"x60" blanket folded up and showing a full colour logo
    Hemmed Blanket (50"x60")
    Priced from $30.77 to $38.77
  4. A black polyester fleece blanket folded and showing an embroidered logo in the corner
    Sherpa Home Throw
    Priced from $57.58 to $72.55
  5. Game Day 3-In-1 Blanket
    Game Day 3-In-1 Blanket
    Priced from $40.28 to $50.73
  6. Field & Co. Oversized Sherpa Blanket
    Field & Co. Oversized Sherpa Blanket
    Priced from $72.00 to $90.72
  7. Picnic Blanket
    Picnic Blanket
    Priced from $23.28 to $29.33
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Custom branded and promo picnic blankets

Companies, when offering promotional items, need to ensure they provide an item that adds value to the life of the recipient. Although a ballpoint pen is something the person will use regularly, they can pick up a pen anywhere they go or borrow from a friend or stranger. For this reason, every item to be provided to clients, potential clients, suppliers and employees must be carefully chosen to ensure this isn’t something they can obtain anywhere they turn. To avoid this, several companies are now opting for branded picnic rugs as their promotional item of choice in Canada.


One reason promotional picnic rugs are so popular is they can be used for a wide variety of purposes by anyone who receives this item. This provides the rug with a high value in the mind of the recipient, and they will begin to associate the provider with comfort and warmth, as this is what the rug provides. Before making a purchase, stop and consider the many uses for the item and how the person will benefit from the picnic rug. This helps to narrow the choices to the one or two that best represent the brand.


Once it has been determined how most recipients will use the picnic rug, it is time to figure out which option best meets these needs. For example, if the rug will be used primarily for outdoor events, such as a sports match, it’s best to choose a rug that is travel friendly. It may come with a carrying bag or pouch to make it easy to transport and the rug folds up into the bag when not in use. It doesn’t take up valuable space, yet can go anywhere the person does with ease. This includes in a car or on a plane when he or she is travelling. Other options are also offered,

The Benefits of the Rug

Many rugs of this type come with a backing that ensures they are not harmed by any moisture or dirt present on the ground when they are used. Furthermore, this backing helps to ensure the individual remains clean and dry when using the rug. The item can be branded with either embroidery or screen printing and provides free advertising every time it is pulled out and used. However, not all rugs come with this backing, which is why it is important to determine the most common uses for the rug. This ensures the company does not purchase more than they must to satisfy their customers, suppliers and employees.

A branded picnic rug is a great gift to provide to clients, staff and potential customers at trade shows or as part of a gift pack. As a rug is always helpful to have on hand, recipients may discover they want more than one. Every time the item is pulled out, it increases the brand visibility of the provider, so this is money well spent. A pen may get lost in the shuffle, but a rug won’t. For this reason, the next time promotional items needed to be ordered from a wholesale provider, be sure to put this item on your list.