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Give Your Staff a Branded BBQ Themed Gift

Canadian grill and smoker ownership has surged to an astounding level over the last few years - this opens up some excellent opportunities for promoting your business through custom branded BBQ tools and gifts! These types of BBQ promotional items are not limited to just camping and outdoor business brands either, large corporate firms and agencies could also give staff these items too. Or a university could give students a great picnic blanket that they can take to festivals, outdoor days and concerts. There are so many options out there, if you're not 100% sure what to select just contact us for some recommendations!

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  1. Gourmet BBQ Gift Set
    Gourmet BBQ Gift Set
    Priced from $29.96 to $34.99
  2. A blue checkered fleece blanket unfolded with the front right corner turned up. Behind the blanket is the same item folded into it's carry position with a debossed logo on the front
    Checkered Fleece Blanket
    Priced from $26.67 to $42.42
  3. rubber wood BBQ grill cleaner with engraved logo
    BBQ Grill Cleaner
    Priced from $9.87 to $15.34
  4. St. Moritz Picnic Blanket
    St. Moritz Picnic Blanket
    Priced from $14.07 to $21.46
  5. Grill Master 3pc BBQ Set
    Grill Master 3pc BBQ Set
    Priced from $41.27 to $52.00
  6. Chef's 5pc BBQ Set
    Chef's 5pc BBQ Set
    Priced from $58.97 to $66.70
  7. Modesto Picnic Carrier Set
    Modesto Picnic Carrier Set
    Priced from $28.58 to $36.02
  8. Digital BBQ Thermometer
    Digital BBQ Thermometer
    Priced from $11.98 to $19.06
  9. Grill 5pc BBQ Set
    Grill 5pc BBQ Set
    Priced from $43.98 to $49.75
  10. Punch Oval Food Container
    Punch Oval Food Container
    Priced from $9.15 to $11.53
  11. Deluxe Stadium Cushion / Blanket
    Deluxe Stadium Cushion / Blanket
    Priced from $21.84 to $29.64
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Spice up your brand with these brilliant BBQ promo gifts

It seems the time-honoured tradition of backyard barbecuing is no longer hampered by seasonal restrictions as it was in generations past, either. In light of this growing love of an undying art, why not foster the movement with branded BBQ gifts?

Taking Barbecuing to New Heights

Canada doesn’t just enjoy barbecuing; it has become a way of life. Patios from Vancouver to Toronto and beyond are getting larger and more elaborate with entire outdoor kitchens being the latest trend. Charcoal remains a favourite medium, but propane is quickly rising from the flames. Though wood pellet grills have a little catching up to do, they’re well on their way to stardom. Electric grills still lag far behind the competition.

Barbecue aficionados are going above and beyond to equip their outdoor cooking areas with a broader range of grills because one is no longer enough. They’re also adding outdoor fireplaces and patio heaters to the mix for comfortable grilling and fellowship all year long. On top of it all, more people are looking for the perfect accessories to round out the picture, so branded BBQ gifts are sure to make a lasting impression.

Smoke the Competition with Your Promotional Efforts

Emblazon your brand across some of the most highly sought-after grilling accessories on the market and even a few essentials your employees, customers or prospects didn’t even know they needed. Every time they fire up the grill, they’ll think of your business.

Keep in mind, many of these barbecues aren’t limited to small family dinners; they’re large-scale events centred around entire communities in some cases. For you, this means widespread free advertising courtesy of your promotional giveaway or corporate BBQ gift recipients.

At Dynamic Gift Canada, we’re here to help you get the word out about your company with a broad selection of unique barbecue-oriented items just waiting to be customized with your company logo or message. Some of the options we have to offer include:

  • Digital BBQ Thermometers
  • Five-in-One Folding BBQ Tools
  • Three, Four and Five-Piece Grilling Sets
  • Folding Camp Chairs
  • To-Go Bowls and Food Storage Containers
  • Oven Mitts

These are only a few of the must-have tools and fun novelties in our inventory, and they’re all ready to bear your company’s mark. Our premium customized corporate BBQ gifts and promotional grilling accessories are sure to please you and your customers or employees.

Why Choose Dynamic Gift?

At Dynamic Gift in Ontario, we offer an extensive team of specialists in various aspects of our industry. From engineers and in-house designers to client managers and logistics experts, each one stands ready to take your promotional items from theory to tangibility.

Take advantage of our diverse and long-running experience, vast inventory, lowest available prices, same-day fulfillment and dedication to customer satisfaction. Let us help you tap into your full marketing potential via the country’s growing revival of a longstanding tradition with branded BBQ gifts.