Order Custom Branded Luggage & Printed Luggage Identifiers in Canada

Companies want the most for their marketing dollars. Determining how to go about obtaining the highest return on investment without spending a fortune remains a top priority. Many businesses now market to individuals across the globe, and reaching these people can be difficult. However, with the use of our great little promotional luggage identifiers, a company easily reaches people from every corner of the globe without blowing the marketing budget.

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  1. Custom Shape Luggage Tags
    Custom Shape Luggage Tags
    Priced from $1.16 to $1.46
  2. Custom Luggage Tags
    Custom Luggage Tags
    Priced from $1.40 to $1.80
  3. Colourplay Luggage Tag
    Colourplay Luggage Tag
    Priced from $13.00 to $15.50
  4. Toscano Luggage Tag
    Toscano Luggage Tag
    Priced from $9.75 to $12.00
  5. Promotional Luggage Straps
    Promotional Luggage Straps
    Priced from $2.95 to $5.95
  6. Scuba Luggage Tag
    Scuba Luggage Tag
    Priced from $1.90 to $2.90
  7. Aluminum Luggage Tag
    Aluminum Luggage Tag
    Priced from $4.93 to $7.24
  8. Myers Luggage Tag
    Myers Luggage Tag
    Priced from $13.77 to $20.65
  9. Standard Luggage Tag
    Standard Luggage Tag
    Priced from $4.38 to $6.48
  10. Travel Sentry Luggage Lock
    Travel Sentry Luggage Lock
    Priced from $13.22 to $16.65
  11. Barrow Luggage Tag & Tool
    Barrow Luggage Tag & Tool
    Priced from $16.88 to $21.28
  12. A brown leather identification tag with a debossed logo
    Cutter & Buck Legacy Identification Tag
    Priced from $21.34 to $26.89
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The Benefits of Custom Luggage Tags

Custom luggage tags are not only easy on the budget, they are practical. Individuals who travel appreciate being able to find their bags without difficulty following a trip, and companies benefit as numerous people will see their brand when the bag moves its way from location to location. Simply by providing customers, suppliers and employees with these tags, a business finds they can promote their offerings with ease.

Distinguishing one’s business can be as difficult as distinguishing one’s luggage on a crowded carousel in a busy airport. However, companies find they can choose from a range of sizes, styles and materials to find a custom luggage tag that truly represents the business and what it has to offer. From privacy tags to tags that serve as a lock, every product will be valued by the recipient as it adds value to their life every time they travel.

Businesses That Should Consider Investing in Promotional Luggage Identifiers

Individuals often associate wholesale luggage identifiers with companies that are in some way associated with the travel industry. While it is true rental car companies and travel agencies benefit from giving these tags to customers and suppliers, any company finds they can extend their brand reach with the help of this product. In the event the right tag cannot be located, Dynamic Gift is here to help. We can custom produce a product that meets your needs in every way and personalize it to ensure your brand gets the attention it deserves everywhere the tag goes.

Pass them out at trade shows, present them to all customers who enter the business or give them to employees to distribute. The ideas are endless, and these items are so small they can be carried around with ease. Forget the traditional ball point pens for promotional giveaways, as people will appreciate the custom luggage tags more.

Why Dynamic Gift?

Promotional items work to cement a company’s brand image. For this reason, any item provided to customers, employees and suppliers needs to be of the highest quality and present a positive image of the business. Dynamic Gift understands this and offers more than 20,000 promotional items, so every business can find the one that best meets their needs.

In addition, the company provides a personalized quote for each customer to ensure no business pays more than they absolutely must. Some items may be produced and delivered in as little as five days, which is of great help when time is of the essence. Furthermore, Dynamic Gift offers a free design service, of great help to businesses needing assistance in this area. Explore our site today to learn more about how we help companies in Toronto, Ontario and across the country find the right promotional products for their needs.