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Custom Printed Eco Friendly Writing Tools to Boost Your Brand's Image

No one wants to turn on the news and see the ocean being dredged and plastic products with their company’s name on camera for the world to see. Or find themselves on social media under the umbrella of businesses that do not care about their toll on the environment. Eco friendly custom pens and recycled promotional products are a fantastic way to keep up with marketing and raising brand awareness, without the negativity that comes with short use, non degradable items.

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Advertising the right way

With an increasing focus on the impact of businesses of all sizes have on the environment, being green is the way forward for both the planet and your company’s image. No one wants to be associated with being wasteful or having a large carbon footprint and branded eco friendly promotional products are a fantastic way to create a more responsible marketing campaign! Help your company achieve the right type of association and choose imprinted recycled promotional products from Dynamic Gift Canada.

‘Being green gets you seen’ - attracting customers with eco positive promotions

‘Hey, do you like our imprinted pens? They are recycled!’ Not only is this a fantastic icebreaker, you are more likely to achieve a positive response from the person you are trying to talk to than if you said ‘here, take one of our single use non degradable items - we have thousands and once you are done, throw it over your shoulder like all the others!’ Now this may be an exaggeration (at least we hope that no one ever says that) but the point is that if you have a product that already casts its own positive image, some of that will reflect back onto you as a company. With an increasing amount of people becoming more wary of single use items, creating something with your logo or message imprinted onto it, that is also eco friendly is far more likely to get people to buy or take one of your items. No one wants to be seen as harmful to the environment and that goes for your customers too!

Why are eco friendly promotional products so popular?

Aside from their less harmful impact on the environment, custom printed eco friendly items such as recycled promotional pens are far less expensive than their first prototypes and are now much better quality. The process to create them has become more efficient and streamlined, meaning the cost compared to non recycled items or other plastic products is almost negligible. This means now companies can afford to be eco conscious without quickly using up their budget. With that in mind, what company wouldn’t prefer an item that is almost the same price but that comes without the negative limelight some ‘first time’ products risk?

Considering recycled promotional pens for your brand awareness?

Not only are eco positive products a great move for modern advertising, but they still come with all the benefits of the humble tool we always seem to need - pens! Creating something that is a coveted and needed item and placing your own custom printed message on it is great advertising and pens certainly do travel! Like their non recycled counterparts, pens can travel great distances in their lifespans. This means your item could be potentially seen by countless people who may not be aware of your company otherwise, giving you all the benefits of widespread advertising without the headache of the cost. This combined with the topic of eco friendly being a hot discussion means your pen might even draw extra attention for being part of it. So, if you are interested in creating your own eco friendly custom pens, or any of our recycled promotional products simply contact us today to get started!

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