Promotional Plastic Travel Mugs, Custom Printed

Coffee? Tea? Who doesn’t love them and can’t function without them – especially during those early workday commutes? Yet getting that important beverage can quickly become a major hassle. We all know the feeling of spillage, from dismay at splashing your best work clothes with coffee stains to the pain of scalding yourself trying to juggle a flimsy paper cup and board public transport at the same time. So why not make sure you get that drink to go in a stylish and practical manner by using plastic travel mugs from Dynamic Gift Canada?

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  1. A black 16oz travel tumbler with a blue band and lid and a red and white logo
    Julian Travel Tumbler (16oz)
    Priced from $5.91 to $8.59
  2. Modesto 16oz Mug
    Modesto 16oz Mug
    Priced from $4.14 to $6.23
  3. A blue 16oz tumbler with black accents and a full colour logo
    Columbia Tumbler (16oz)
    Priced from $3.77 to $5.65
  4. blue 17oz travel mug with a silver lid and a white logo
    Shades 17oz Travel Mug
    Priced from $9.95 to $11.99
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Go green and get with the times!

With even throw away paper cups rapidly becoming taboo due to their detriment to the earth’s resources and the environment, investing in reusable plastic coffee cups with lids is a smart move! Give your customers something that won’t end up littering the highways by being single use and help promote a more eco-positive image for your company with these re usable, handy and highly durable custom printed items.

Put your message into the hands of the public – literally!

Plastic travel mugs are a fantastic way to get your message out there in a highly affordable, highly visible way. Get your brand noticed with ease by placing it on a highly noticeable item that is often in motion – helping draw the eye even before you get into the option of a huge range of visually impactful colours and your own personalised message or logo! Imprint your slogan in the minds of the public today be it in workspaces, public areas and events or more and help get yourself seen and recognized by potentially hundreds of people in a single day.

Get those customers appreciating you 'a latte'

Reusable plastic coffee cups with lids are a fantastic product with so many benefits for the owner. From reduced fees for buying from overpriced chain stores and making your own at home – to less spills and burns, having a mug to go really is the gift that keeps on giving. So, get those important customers saying thanks ‘a latte’ to you and your company today with a custom printed plastic travel mug.

The perks of a universal promo product

Whether your business is in coffee, or camping, or travel, or... see where we are going with this? Reusable mugs are a perfect tie in, promotion or resale product for almost any venture but with Dynamic Gift Canada it doesn’t have to be generic! Choose your style, your size, your handle from our wide array then get personal with your own custom printed design or logo on the side. The public sure do love their hot drinks so whatever you choose is likely to be a hit with them.

Create a buzz about you!

Hot drinks are more than just a whim for people. Entire social events are structured around them without us even really being aware of it. Think about how often you see a few people gathered in the most unlikely place all with their coffee cups in their hands talking and socialising, and then consider coffee shops, few people go in and slurp down their drink as fast as they can. They go to talk, to catch up, to make new friends and by choosing a branded travel cup you are putting your message right at the front of the conversation! What could be better for raising brand awareness than this? Get the buzz started and mocha impression on the audience that matters to you with these stylish, practical, and above all useful items from Dynamic Gift Canada. Contact us today and let us help you get started!