Custom Printed Glass Bottles & Promotional Glass Bottles, Shipped Domestically

Our custom printed glass bottles now come in a variety of sizes and styles. All of which are designed to be printed with your logo, we can brand in full colour or a 1-4 colour pad print in various positions around the bottle. We don't compromise on quality while providing outstanding prices and extremely fast turnaround times all over Canada. Enquire now for a 100% free art mock-up and a no obligation quote.

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  1. glass wide mouth water bottle with lime green lid and silver logo
    Wide Mouth Glass Water Bottle (500mL)
    Priced from $7.75 to $12.38
  2. uncapped glass water bottle with full colour logo and green and white lid beside it
    Glass Water Bottle (600mL)
    Priced from $10.73 to $16.62
  3. 17oz lime green silicone and clear glass bottle with a silver lid and a black and yellow logo
    Pure 17oz Water Bottle
    Priced from $10.78 to $13.25
  4. Canton Glass Bottle & Bamboo Lid
    Canton Glass Bottle & Bamboo Lid
    Priced from $16.53 to $25.58
  5. Fructus Fruit Infuser Bottle (18.5oz)
    Fructus Fruit Infuser Bottle (18.5oz)
    Priced from $18.58 to $19.41
  6. Shay Tea Infuser Bottle (10oz)
    Shay Tea Infuser Bottle (10oz)
    Priced from $16.20 to $17.03
  7. Kai Glass Bottle (18oz)
    Kai Glass Bottle (18oz)
    Priced from $18.88 to $23.80
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Promotional glass bottles with your logo

These printed glass drink bottles by Dynamic Gift Canada are an eco friendly and affordable way to get your message across to the world – without the risk of your purchase being used only once and thrown away. How often do you see disposable cups along the road with a company’s name no longer viewed as advertising, but reduced to declaring loudly to the world that they are adding to the pollution problem? Avoid this social stigma and the repeated cost of single use items by purchasing these glass bottles today!

Ditch plastic bottles and help the environment

Glass is a great alternative to disposable plastic products because it is made from abundant natural materials that have little impact on the environment. It is also fully recyclable meaning when your product has finally had its last use (possibly years and years from now, as glass is known for its durability and longevity) the customer will likely dispose of it in a responsible manner. This means it is less likely that your name and brand will end up advertising for the local landfill, or worse. With customers and businesses rapidly shunning the once familiar and expendable “use and toss” cup, your efforts to appear more eco friendly with these printed glass drink bottles is a smart and effective way to keep in touch with today’s world.

A quality bottle that is affordable, not cheap

This item is a low cost investment that is always needed by the consumer, so once you give these away you can rest easy knowing that your company name will travel wherever your customers go. Studies show that consumers are turning away from expensive single-serve drink purchases and refilling from work, home or local drinking stations instead. In doing so, they are saving a large amount of money annually and have more money to spend in other areas. By putting your advertisement right where the savings come from you are not only showing the customer who helped them save money in the first place, but also encouraging repeat business with that newly freed up cash!

Get your business brand seen everywhere

Do you own your own business? Are you worried about your staff wilting over their desks or huddling around the water cooler rather than working during the summer? Giving these to your employees is not only a great way of building office morale and potentially increasing productivity, but also serves as free advertising when they take them to and from the office too! Hydration is a key factor in memory retention, attention span and imagination. Now you can get the best from your staff without the ongoing expense of single use cups that constantly need restocking.

Low minimum orders, low prices, fast delivery (Canada wide)

These printed glass drink bottles come with a range of minimum order quantities so whatever size event you are giving these away at, or whatever the scale of business you have, we have the amount of custom branded bottles you need right here. These products are BPA free and FDA compliant, so you can rest assured that not only are they reusable but they will not break down and leak unwanted residue into a client’s beverage over time.

Dynamic Gift offers glass bottles in a huge selection of styles, such as a wide mouth option to easily add ice, leak resistant silicone lids, fruit infusers (because we all know water is necessary but can be a bit boring!) or convenient carry handles to make transportation easier than ever. Some models even come with their own neoprene sleeve to insulate your drink and keep it cooler for longer on those baking hot Canadian summer days. We also carry a wide range of colour choices, allowing your purchase to be even more customized and eye catching than ever before! With available sizes starting from 420mL for the morning commuter or office worker, all the way up to 20oz for those team building hikes, our reusable bottle options have your needs covered.