Custom Printed Protein Shakers & Branded Shaker Bottles Canada

Healthier living is on the rise! With so many people becoming more aware of the huge benefits of better life choices – health clubs are no longer solely the haunt of the rich and the famous. And as with any wave of lifestyle changes, there comes a need for new products to meet consumer demand. With that in mind, what better way to advertise than with a branded protein shaker from Dynamic Gift Canada? With so many people looking to switch out that extra full fat coffee for a healthier alternative when they can, custom printed shaker bottles are a fantastic choice for advertising that won’t leave you rattled!

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  1. 700mL clear uncapped shake-it bottle with blue logo and the blue lid and shaker part beside it
    700mL Shake-It Bottle
    Priced from $6.03 to $6.61
  2. 400mL clear shaker bottle with royal blue lid and logo and royal blue shaker part beside it
    Cross-Trainer 400mL Shaker Bottle
    Priced from $4.17 to $6.18
  3. 25oz clear sport shaker bottle with black and lime green lid a a black logo and a lime green shaker part beside it
    Tempo Sport Shaker Bottle (25oz)
    Priced from $9.95 to $11.99
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What is a shaker bottle?

Simply put, it is a bottle that you put your liquid and powder into and shake to mix! Although originally designed for the ease of preparing health food drinks such as powdered supplements, the usage doesn’t have to stop there. With so many companies offering tasty powdered drink options, the list is virtually endless – so long as it’s not carbonated! A fantastic choice for anyone looking to re-hydrate wherever they are or whatever they are doing, these bottles are sturdy and come in a variety of capacities – helping you ensure the needs of your intended target audience are met.

Shake your way to better advertising

Custom printed shaker bottles offer a good-sized advertising space on an item that is both mobile and used repeatedly throughout the day – because even the most dedicated of health pros are unlikely to empty a 25oz bottle in one sitting! This means your message will be on view and often at eye level with the public, helping you raise brand awareness with one easy purchase – without the headache and expense of high budget advertising! We carry a range of sizes to suit all needs, and many of our options being BPA free and dishwasher safe, this item will be with your customer through their busy work out or even on their commute to work making it a great marketing tool for you and your business. Imprint your slogan in the minds of the public today with these handy promo tools from Dynamic Gift Canada.

A practical product for so many places

No longer the sole companion to the dedicated few in the gym, these bottles have almost unlimited potential for repeated use. Sports clubs, Yoga groups, even health food shops? How about giving them away as a thank you for loyalty to your sports club, or as a powerful promo bonus when customers buy their protein powders from your health food shop? Whatever you choose to use them for you can rest assured you are choosing an item that is in demand, long lasting and reusable, keeping you in the minds of the public for years to come.

Why choose us?

Never mind the expense of replacing poorly made items due to customer complaints, or the associated damage to your company image. When it comes to low-quality food or beverage storage items, there is often great difficulty in getting them clean. This can quickly lead to a build up of potentially harmful bacteria that your customer won’t thank the product, or your company for! Protein shakers from Dynamic Gift Canada are made only from high quality materials and are easy to disassemble/clean. Help your clients stay healthy and keep a healthy opinion of your brand! When choosing from our selection, you can rest assured that your company won’t be associated with the pitfalls of products that simply don’t reflect the hard work you’ve put in. With that in mind, contact us today and let our expert team get started on your next project!