Custom PVC USB Drives

Custom PVC USB Drives

Custom PVC USB Drives

Minimum order 100

Whoa! custom molded pvc usb drives. Never was there a better way to carry data or present files to a client than with a completely custom made promotional PVC usb. Some great examples of people using these USB's includes around the office to create a more fun and branding compliant atmosphere, giveaway item to clients (with optional preloaded data available). Photographers for example love our USB drives because they can provide a newly wedded couple with their wedding photos on a branded USB rather than a clunky compact disk or a boring old USB from an electrical store. There are hundreds of uses for these custom PVC USB drives, try for yourself!

We do everything

Don't delay, and don't hesitate. Just send us your ideas and our team of designers will get to work on custom creating you a promotional pvc USB design that will impress! This is completely free of charge and you will not be charged a cent until we commence physical production of your USB.

Today’s business climate is very competitive. Don't let competitors outdo you. Here at Dynamic Gift Promotions Canada we have you covered.  Get the custom shape usb drives completely customized with your brand name, message or your business logo.

Never was there a better way to carry data or present files to a client than with a completely custom made promotional PVC USB. Some great examples of people using these USB's includes those  around the office to create a more fun and branding compliant atmosphere. These are the ideal  giveaway item to clients (with optional preloaded data available). Relatively speaking, using printed imprinted promotional PVC items to advertise your business is much cheaper than advertising on the radio, television, or a billboard. Plus, you aren’t competing with other businesses for advertising space. Try this today because a  quality promotional product is indicative of a quality business. We are the leading promotional product dealer in Canada. Order the custom shape usb drives and see your business scale the heights of success.



USB information

USB Capacity GuideComplete USB Data services


Injection moulded PVC, bonded base (non slip underside if choose single side 2d pvc)

Colors available

Maximum 7 colors in design. Colors are pantone matched Click herefor pantone color chart.

Branding method

Most of our clients choose a raised, moulded logo or message on the usb body. However if you need additional branding we also offer full color photographic image with epoxy doming. Or pad printing up to 4 colors,


Cut to size based on your design

Chip Types

Samsung, Hynix, Toshiba.


Grade A Tier 1 Chip.


10 years

Est Lifespan

500,000 Write/Read cycles. USB packaging

The ultra versatile promo idea

Many people assume that USB drives come in one standard form. This is far from the truth. At Dynamic Gifts, we can take your vision of how you want to represent your brand and create a custom shaped PVC USB drive to match. Custom shaped USB drives gives your business the winning edge in the field of promotional items. Not only are they cool, but USB drives are functional items that prospective customers will use and reuse.

USB drives are great promotional items for any business. They are often utilized by companies in the technology field but is a preferred marketing product for non-technology industries as well. Since you can use any design for a PVC USB drive, it will easily fit into any marketing budget.

Why Order Custom Shaped PVC USB Drives

PVC is critical in the manufacturing of custom shaped promotional products. Not only is it a durable material, but provides the platform for complex designs and a variety of forms, sizes, and dimensions. With PVC as the base material, your choice of colors is not just the standard black or gray. In fact, there is no color associated with your brand that is out of reach for our design team at Dynamic Gifts.

In addition to the unique advantages of PVC, USB drives are also a good pick to market your goods or service for the following reasons:

  • With the right design, custom shaped PVC USB drives are attention grabbers. Accordingly, they are ideal for trade shows and gaining leads in a competitive marketplace.
  • You can upload product or company information to the USB drive as another level of marketing.
  • USB drives are reusable and functional. Accordingly, custom shaped USB drives join the category of promotional products that your customers will cherish.
  • Custom shape PVC USB drives are great gift ideas not only for customers but also for staff.

Whatever your promotional needs, custom shaped PVC USB drives are an excellent fit. With a well-administered marketing strategy, your brand awareness will increase with this unique and functional promotional item.

Order Your Custom Shaped PVC USB Drive

When you choose to go with a custom shaped promotional product, there is more pre-production work that is required. The team at Dynamic Gifts will work with you to come up with a concept that represents your vision for your brand. Call a sales representative today to discuss your options and pricing for your custom shaped PVC USB drive.

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