Custom PVC Power Banks

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Product Highlights

  • Injection moulded 3D PVC shape
  • Maximum 7 colour design, matched to the Pantone+ Solid Coated library
  • Most of our clients choose a raised, moulded logo or message on the power bank
  • If you need more detailed branding potential, we also offer full colour photographic image with epoxy dome

Product Highlights

Why choose custom shaped power banks for your next promotion

Power on the go is in high demand. Everyone at some point or the other have had the battery to their phone, tablet, or media device go dead and had no access to an electrical outlet. This is where a power bank comes into play. It allows the owner to store energy for use at a later date. Because of its high functionality, it is a great promotional item or gift. At Dynamic Gifts we can design power banks into any custom shape that you need.

Just imagine a power bank in the form of a shoe to promote your online shoe store. The possibilities are endless with custom shaped PVC power banks. Accordingly, this promotional item is in high demand by businesses in various industries.  Power banks are not the pen and mugs commonly used for mass distribution at trade shows but are a premium promo product that will draw attention to your product or service.

Why Choose Custom Shaped PVC Power Banks

The material PVC is a durable, flexible and waterproof material; which makes it a fantastic option for the production of power ranks. PVC power banks are long-lasting and are sure to be a gift that potential customer will never forget.

In addition to its advantageous features associated with the PVC material, there are also some design pros to consider when choosing custom shaped PVC power banks. PVC power banks are an excellent option for the most intricate designs. At Dynamic Gift we can manufacture power banks in the shape and dimension that the client desires. You can choose from 2d or 3d designs. Additional PVC power banks come in a variety of vibrant colors; there is no limit in color choices and combinations.

Unlike many other promotional products your custom shaped PVC power bank is sure to be an attention-grabber. Additionally, they fall in the category of promo items that gets used over and over again. With the right design, custom shaped PVC power banks can significantly enhance your marketing efforts.

Dynamic Gifts – Order Your Custom Shaped PVC Power Banks

Dynamic Gifts is the supplier of an extensive selection of promotional items, inclusive of custom shaped power banks. Our team will help you to bring your vision and design to reality. Ask about our past work and gather inspiration from our portfolio. If power banks are your choice for marketing items for your business, you have come to the right place.

Charge up your companies brand with these awesome promotional PVC power banks. A handy charger for use on the go our PVC power banks range from 2200mAh options to 10000mAh. Thats enough to start a laptop from completely flat, pretty impressive for people travelling for business. These PVC power banks make a fantastic gift for staff or clients, and they make a great brand awareness product.

Don't delay, and don't hesitate. Just send us your ideas and our team of designers will get to work on custom creating you a promotional pvc powerbank design that will impress! This is completely free of charge and you will not be charged a cent until we commence physical production of your items.

Looking for the right promotional tool? Worry no more. Here at Dynamic Gift Promotions Canada, we offer you the custom PVC power banks fully customized with your brand name, message or your business logo. It features a handy charger for use on the go and ranges from 2200mAh to 10000mAh. This is enough to start a laptop from completely flat and its so impressive for people travelling for business. These customized PVC power banks make a fantastic gift for staff or clients, and they make a great brand awareness product. Branded PVC promotional products are most effective when they are individualized. Although equipping your global team with the right marketing materials and branded merchandise can be a challenge, you can ensure brand consistency across all promotional and media campaigns. Why wait any more? Grab this chance and order the custom PVC power banks from Dynamic Gift Promotions Canada and take your business to the next level.